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Natural Magic
Natural Magic Odor Absorbing Gel

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Eliminates nasty odors without an overwhelming scent


I have a sensitive sense of smell. We own two cats and have two litter boxes. It seems like it doesn't matter how often the cat sand is scooped, I can always get a whiff of the litter boxes when I am at the end of the hall where their room is. Unfortunately for me, our bedroom is across the hall from the cat room. If the cats use the box in the evening, the smell is almost unbearable for me when I am trying to sleep. I've tried the scented oil and gel plug-ins, little trees, and the cone-shaped gel air fresheners. They either flooded the house with a cloying odor, or they were ineffective. In the case of the scented oil plug-in, it didn't last very long and the oil cartridges are very expensive. I had a coupon for the Natural Magic Odor Absorbing gel at our local home and garden store. Natural Magic Odor Absorbing gel is a plastic tub with a vented lid. All you do is pull off the seal, replace the lid and put it near the odor source. I have tried this type of product before and the scent was overwhelming. However, I found this product in Neutral Scent. I wondered how a neutral scent would cover the odor of a litter box, but I gave it a shot. I pulled off the seal and set it on top of the covered litter box. It's been two weeks and I am very happy with this product. First of all, the gel does absorb the odors, it doesn't just emit a scent to cover up the odors. The neutral scent is not strong and I can only smell it for around a two foot radius around the tub. The scent is *really* neutral. I can't describe it. It's not fruity, perfumey, or flowery. It's quite pleasant. Natural Magic Odor Absorbing Gel covers an area of 400 square feet, and lasts for 90 days. It comes in a few other scents as well as neutral. This is a very effective product, and if it can conquer cat box odor, you shouldn't have too much of a problem with other odors.

Ames, IA


Natural Magic Odor Absorbing Gel

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