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NEC P401 40 in. LCD TV

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Got it cheap, got what I paid for.


We got this TV at a bargain price and got about that much use out of it. My husband put it in his home office and plays CNBC on it all day. In 4.5 months it already has the ticker burned in the bottom. Granted he plays it all day but they go to commercial a lot, come on. The color is now fading after 10 months of use too. The high def qualities are still there but really, it's looking worse than our traditional CRT TV's. Very disappointing. We knew LED was a risk in a high and dry climate, we just didn't think it would be this bad. Oh, and our first new TV in a long time, also were caught off guard that there weren't built in speakers. Ok, we're old, stop laughing. Picture Quality Great when it started, not lasting long enough to get a good review. Sound Quality Without a separate speaker, there ain't none. Durability Really expected longer. Design One step up from Very Poor only because it looks pretty, but engineering-design-wise. Nada. Performance Didn't last long enough to get a better rating.

Arvada, CO


NEC P401 40 in. LCD TV

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