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MyMineralGlitters.com (Joelle Cosmetics)

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MyMineralGlitters.com (Joelle Cosmetics)

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The worst customer service


from New york

Comments about MyMineralGlitters.com (Joelle Cosmetics):

This company has a large array of gluten corn and soy free products my complaint is that as a physicians office who is recommending her products, I have emailed too many times to mention with no response the absolute rudeness of a business to not respond to multiple requests is inconceivable. I have decided to no longer recommend her company and have taken her name off our offices list of references.


I wanted to like it, really I did.


from Florida

Comments about MyMineralGlitters.com (Joelle Cosmetics):

When I found MyMineralGlitters online I was excited. I had been looking for a good website to buy mineral makeup and not spend an arm and a leg.

So of course I ordered what I wanted and was pretty happy about the money I was saving.

My order was processed pretty quick and I was excited when the package shower up on my front porch rather quickly.

However once I opened my purchases and started using them, I was a little let down. The make up wasn't as fine or sheer as I had hoped or expected it to be, in fact putting it on it felt kind of cakey and we'll downright cheap.

So the ordering process was fine, and the actual website was nice but the actual product was kinda eh.

Ease of Use
Overall the website was really easy to use. Ordering process was painless.

Product Selection
I was actually impressed with the actual product selection on the website. It seemed like there was something for everyone.

Product Pricing
Relatively good pricing on products.

  • Ease of Use:
  • Product Selection:
  • Product Pricing:
  • Customer Service:
  • Shipping and Returns:

Didn't have high expectations


from Columbus, OH

Comments about MyMineralGlitters.com (Joelle Cosmetics):

After reading such horrible reviews about the owner of this business and her attitude, whoever "she" is, I went with my better judgment and gave some of these products a chance. And yes they did arrive sealed, in the sizes I ordered and packaged appropriately. I don't know what the problem is with all of these other bad reviews. If you are looking for organic, natural, gluten-free products this is a great website to turn to and explore. I feel like gluten-free products are still fairly new to the market and it's not easy to please everyone that you come into contact with. So of course there will be some unhappy customers out there, but I'm not one of them. I placed my order for the mineral concealer in yellow and the mineral glitter foundation. I have sensitive skin and most drug store and grocery store makeup will break my face out. After seeing the testimonials on the website and the actual pictures of the results of using this makeup I couldn't resist. And I'm glad I took the chance. The products are amazing, and I can't comment on the owner because I've never had to contact her. I think she has an amazing line of products and I recommend this website to anyone looking for some great organic and gluten free products.

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I got ripped off......


from USA

Comments about MyMineralGlitters.com (Joelle Cosmetics):

She sent me 2oz face wash instead of the 4oz I ordered (and payed for). I emailed her with pictures and proof and she never responded. I guess the poor reviews were right! You all should read and consider the bad reviews about this company. Giving it a chance was a big mistake! You will probably be disappointed too.

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I had such high hopes for Joelle Cosmetics but was disappointed.


from Annapolis, MD

Comments about MyMineralGlitters.com (Joelle Cosmetics):

I've been using **Bare Escentuals foundation** on my face for years and absolutely love it.  It's $25 for a fraction of an ounce but I only have to buy it once, maybe twice a year so the cost works out in the end.

Still, **I'm a cheapskate** so if I can find a cheaper product that I like just as well I'm willing to give it a try. Which is why I was anxious to try mineral cosmetics from **Joelle Cosmetics** (formerly known as **My Mineral Glitters**).  An online friend recommended the product so I've been anxious to try it.  I've got a pretty good tan going right now so I decided to order some medium foundation for summer, and some medium foundation and 2 brushes for my mom who also uses Bare Escentuals.

Ordering on the site was a little odd.  After I found the shade of foundation I wanted to try, I clicked to add it to my cart and was taken to a meny screen and couldn't find the shopping cart to check out. I eventually found it after clicking on another product.

I received an order confirmation via email and received my order within a week so that made me happy.  My mom was thrilled with her brushes which were good quality and much less expensive than Bare Escentuals or anything we could buy from Sephora. 

Neither of us was thrilled with the product though as the color was way too light.  We both ordered Medium foundation but when I compared it to the Bare Escentuals Light foundation it was way lighter. I used it on my face and it looked ridiculous so I contacted the company to see if I could return it.

A few weeks went by with no reply (they don't do customer service via phone) so I sent another email and finally heard back a few days later.  It was suggested that I purchase an additional product to darken up the product I had already ordered instead of returning it. No mention was made about the product being too light, no apology was offered, I was just told to visit their Ebay site to order corrector.  There wasn't even a link to the Ebay site!

I did find the Ebay site but couldn't find the product that was mentioned so I had to send yet another email to inquire about what I was supposed to order.  I got an email the next day that contained only a link to the Ebay item number.  Now at this point I should have run screaming in the other direction as customer service seemed seriously lacking.

But I did end up ordering 2 packets of the darkening agent and have used it. It does seem to have helped a little but I had to empty the contents of the foundation and the packet into a separate container as the original was not large enough to hold both and to mix the two together.  It really turned out to be a disappointment and a mess and I will NOT be ordering again. It seems like she doesn't really stand behind her product.

**Bottom line** - the website is fine, the prices are great, the shipping was free, and it arrived quickly and in good shape.

**Recommended? ** Well I'm kind of on the fence about this site, but I'll go with no, not recommended.  The product is OK but not what I expected (see my [foundation review][1] for more detail) and I felt that customer service was lacking.  I will not be purchasing from this company again but will use up the rest of what I ordered as I did not hate it. If you do decide to give them a try, ***I strongly suggest ordering samples first*** to find the right colors for your skin tone and then place a larger order if you like the samples. 

[1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Joelle-Cosmetics-Mineral-Foundation-review-cf31

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Stay away from this company. The owner's an insensitive nut.


from Yuba City, CA

Comments about MyMineralGlitters.com (Joelle Cosmetics):

I ordered form this company despite reading reviews that the owner could be difficult.  As a newly diagnosed Celiac, I needed something that would do the job for me and protect me from contamination so, I pinned my hopes on this.  I rec'ed my order with the understanding that they would not accept returns bc the color is so easy to fix if not right.  As soon as I recieved my order, I contacted Kerry for help fixing it.  Heard nothing.  Waited two weeks and emailed her again.  Heard nothing.  Then, I get an advertising spammed email from her and took advantage of the opportunity to ask her again if she would help me 'fix' my make-up and got a snide email back telling me I should be more patient!  After now 3 weeks, I should be more patient? So, she has time to send out spam, but doesn't have time to answer emails from her current customers whose colors are unusable.  I spent over 60.00 and still, have no make-up I can wear and not the slightest hint of sympathy from this woman.  Please, stay away from her products.  Let her knwo this is not the way to do business!

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Affordable natural mineral makeup and quality customer service.


from The heart of , NY

Comments about MyMineralGlitters.com (Joelle Cosmetics):

**Quick View**

Do you or someone you know wear mineral makeup? It can be pricey! I discovered **My Mineral Glitters Online Store** quite by accident and have been using the products since. This is not a huge site but the quality and pureness of the products sold on the site rival "the big guys" and prices are unbeatable. Just as an aside, the name used on the site is *Joelle Bare Cosmetics* to get away from the glitter connotation.

**Full View**

I always wanted to mess around with mineral makeup but the one company I knew so much about was just too expensive for my blood. I was doing some research into mineral makeup for an anti aging column I write elsewhere on the net and came across **My Mineral Glitters (****www.mymineralglitters.com****)**. I was really surprised at the quality and price of all the products!

**The Site**

One thing that will hit you in the face is that there is music on the front page. It's jarring. I don't see a stop button so I mute my speakers until I get past that. After that, you will see the products for sale. Joelle, the owner, makes all the products you see and guarantees their ingredients.

There are kits, mineral foundations, concealers, blushes, setting powders, bronzers, eye shadows, lipsticks, eyeliners, mascara, creams, emu oils, toners, and brushes. All (except the brushes) are made by hand and come in a few sizes and also in bulk. Ingredients are displayed for each product and swatches are very close to the real thing.

The best part about this site are the prices! I couldn't get over how inexpensive most of the items were. I could afford to mess around with the makeup and not drop tons of cash. But don't let the prices fool you. The products are really good. I wear the blushes and lipsticks all the time and I often wear all mineral makeup, including eyeliner and mascara, which is really quite good.

The creams are all natural and well worth the cost. The Firm-a-Lift really firms and the emu oil does wonders for anyone's skin. The brushes are of the highest quality and guaranteed.

One other thing I like is that, if the foundation doesn't quite match your skin, Joelle will send you some deeper or lighter minerals to mix in for free until you get it right. Then you will know what you need the next time.

Shipping is a flat $5.00 and customer service couldn't be better. Because this isn't a huge factory but just a one woman operation, you get personalized, one on one service.

The site accepts PayPal as its primary method of payment but I believe you can also use a credit card to purchase.

**My Experience**

I met Joelle through my anti aging column and she supplied me with an amazing array of samples to try. Since, I have ordered three times, buying all the blushes, several eye shadows, the bronzer, lipsticks, mascara, eyeliner, and much more. The brushes, which are of the same quality as BE, are great and the creams are all natural and high quality.

What keeps me going back are the prices. They are as low as I have seen and, amazingly, the quality is as high as I have tried in mineral makeup. I use **My Mineral Glitters'** nighttime minerals in place of Rare Minerals, which cost $60.00 for a tiny amount. I get great much more for much less and get great results.

Everything is sent via USPS and comes quickly. The packaging is all by hand and quantities are very generous. Although I am still getting the hang of wearing mineral foundation, all the other products fit perfectly into my cosmetics routine.

Oh, and don't let the name fool you. The foundation is matte, not glittery and only a few eye shadows are glittery. I was worried at first but soon found out that the name "Mineral Glitters" was just that. It didn't reflect the products.

**My Viewpoint of My Mineral Glitters**

This is a great site to experiment with mineral makeup, night treatments, and all natural creams and scrubs. One person makes it all and you can go right to her with any issues you have. She has been wonderful to me and with me with my 1000 questions about how to wear the stuff.

If you want to try mineral products or are using them now but want a less expensive alternative, give **My Mineral Glitters** a try. ***I give the site 5 stars.*** I really enjoy the personal touch and the prices!

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awesome mineral makeup, gluten free, great customer service


from davidson, TN

Comments about MyMineralGlitters.com (Joelle Cosmetics):

just out of curiosity, after reading the reviews, doing all my research on the site as well as ebay, i thought i would go ahead and take the plunge and see what all the hype and not so hype was about this product line.

i was amazed. the site was easy to navigate and the products were easy to locate, and very affordable.

first i emailed the company to see what kind of service i would receive. my questions were all answered promptly by the next day. so i went ahead and placed my order.

i ordered the 14 pc kit for 49.00. they have a coupon code so i saved 20% off which was really great. i received my order in 4 days! that sure neats the larger companies that take up to 6 weeks! it was like christmas opening all my new goodies. everything was new and sealed and came in a great little black case. the brushes were like silk and the makeup like satin. great coverage, great color, large amounts for the price and best of all, all natural and gluten free for people with sensitivities.

i emailed the company once again and made a small complaint just to see how it would be handled. they were fabulous! emailed me back right away and explained they could NOT take back used/opened items for health and safety concerns(that made me feel great) and wah lah, offered me a reasonable solution. i didnt want to take advantage as i was really just testing, so i emailed them back and explained that it wasnt necessary and i wanted to keep everything.

i have since put in 7 more orders for myself and friends and so far no one has been dissapointed.

i also as stated above did my homework. i checked out their ebay site, all their ads, clearly state, no returns on opened merchandise. feedback score 99.8%. the few negatives i read were rediculous. petty petty petty. looks to me as these people have nothing better to do with their time but complain about stupid silly garbage. i guess i cant blame "her" for getting snappy with such morons. i sold on ebay quite a while back, and people, especially women, are petty. and i mean petty. i have had people leave negatives for about anything they can think of. that is why i left ebay and so many sellers are gone today! it is the customers who really are a disgrace. i mean come on people, if ya want good cosmetics for a good price and dont care about fancy names, packaging and commercials, this is the place to go. if all you care about is all of the above, then go pay the high prices for the  comercial stuff. for me, i will stick to the good stuff from the little guys just trrying to provide a great product we can all afford .

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Stay away from this horrible stuff!


from Round Rock, TX

Comments about MyMineralGlitters.com (Joelle Cosmetics):

Not only would I stay to go elsewhere, I would ask you to read all of the negative feedback on ebay. This lady has a horrible attitude and always responds with anger and unprofessional ways to neg feedback. She and her product are a disgrace to home businesses everywhere! I ordered items from her and when they arrived they were not sealed! This lady takes returns on open items and then sends them to other people. Beware! You never know with a hole in the wall type operation like this.....she may be putting anthrax in the containers!

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