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Murad Age-Proof Suncare Oil-Free Sunblock 15 SPF

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Lotion-like SPF


Sometimes my SPF moisturizers always make me look shiny and it goes on sort of thick which in the summer makes my skin feel really weighed down. The Murad oil-free sunblock is a great moisturizer and it super light and not oily. It feels just like lotion and has very minimal sun block smell. In fact it actually has a nice, very very light, flowery/fruity type of fragrance. It's also a really good moisturizer so it eliminates a step I normally do in the morning (moisturizer and then sunblock). I tend to have dry skin with some oily areas around my nose occasionally and this product actually keeps my skin feeling good for most of the day. It also doesn't come up too shiny and has more of a matte finish so it does really well under make-up an doesn't mess with the other products in my make-up like oil based moisturizers and sunblocks can. Really great product, I've always loved Murad, but it is a bit pricey so I do alternate this with my Neutrogena products as well.

Saratoga, CA


Great foundations substitute in the summer


I hate foundation in the summertime, and this is the perfect substitute., This tinted SPF is perfect for me, with my fair to medium complexion. It blends in flawlessly and makes my skin glow (a pretty, non-oily glow). It would be nice to have a higher than 15 SPF for summer, but for regular days when I'm not out in the sun much and sitting in the office, I wear this year-round. If I know I'm going to get more sun exposure, I pair it with a higher Neutrogena SPF lotion. I've been using Murad Oil Free Sunblock for the last few years and fortunately a little goes a long way! This calls itself a sheer "tint" but it's not a product everyone can use if they want to match their own skintone or add color, because it really is more like a foundation. This is a light, opaque gel cream that is enhanced slightly with a very light, neutral beige color. It works with my skin as a neutralizer, and it leaves a soft, natural matte finish, and fills in pores. It lasts all day. It works beautifully over moisturizer, aha/bha,, under makeup, under powder, or it can on its own to help protect skin. To me, this is perfect, because it works like a cosmetic, plus helps skin like a treatment. This sunscreen is a high quality, multi-functional skin health booster that sells for a remarkably reasonable price. Highly recommended!

Henderson, NV


Murad Age-Proof Suncare Oil-Free Sunblock 15 SPF

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