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Murad Acne Clarifying Line

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murad works but your acne will come back


I am a licensed esthetician and have used a variety of professional skin care lines. I know what works and what doesnt. We used Murad in school. Its full of unnessecary chemicals and parabens. I prefer the organics. light to moderate acne can be cleared with a peroxide face wash and a clarifying mask. Murad dries the skin. though it does semi clear it up. the face gets irritated and the acne will come back. The product should have more healing ingredients. Maybe some peroxide to dry up the acne and clear the bacteria from the skin, but it should also have some licorice root to calm the redness and irritation. The moisturizer is kind of thick. Theyre probably trying to make up for the dryness the cleanser causes but then its just a vicious cycle of a dry and oily battle on the face. It does work for light acne but if you have worse acne, use proactive, It actually works good if you keep using it. I haven't found anything that wows me in the Murad Acne line. Though there other lines are okay.

Dublin, CA


Murad Acne Clarifying Line

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