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Munchkin Sesame Street Non-Insulated Trainer Cup, Multi, 7 Oz

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Great Sippy Cup!


My 2 year old son is the youngest of three, and by far the most picky in every way! I have been through at least a dozen different styles of sippy cup, and for one reason or another, they wound up on the ground, thrown in disgust. This cup, however, has a great nipple and makes it very easy for the child to control exactly how much they want to drink in any given sip. Before I found this cup, there were so many trips to the store that involved screaming, I wanted to pull my hair out. All he wanted was a drink and he couldn't have an uncovered cup in that setting...I hear clean up aisle whatever in my nightmares! Now he is incredibly happy to sit and sip away on his juice, while I shop. He has complete control and that makes him happy, since he actually controls very little in his life, contrary to what he believes and to how he behaves! He is the baby of the family and he knows how to get things his way, this is one time I am happy to give in to him.



Munchkin Sesame Street Non-Insulated Trainer Cup, Multi, 7 Oz

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