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Muffin Magic
Muffin Magic Electric Muffin Maker

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I'm the muffin queen with the fabulous Muffin Magic.


I bought my older son a Hamilton Beach personal blender to make smoothies and wanted something kind of cool for my younger son. He loves muffins but has never made them. I saw the Muffin Magic and thought he might enjoy having his own personal muffin maker. On the one hand, I was thinking that it was kind of silly to buy a muffin maker. After all, we have muffin pans and an oven. Then I thought that it would be nice not to have to heat up a big, old oven to make muffins. A small machine would save energy. It would also keep the kitchen cooler during hot weather. I went back and forth with the Muffin Magic in my cart. It really wasn't very expensive, so I decided "What the heck? I'm going to buy it." I have been 100% happy with the Muffin Magic. It's even better than I expected or dared hope. First, it's super easy. Plug it in. The red light comes on. Wait for the green. Not very long. Spray the holes with Pam. Put in the batter. Close the top. Time it. No auto turn off. No problem though. The booklet covers about all the times you would ever need. Very helpful booklet. Muffins turn out perfect. Not one bad batch in over a year. And, it's mostly my kid making the muffins. He took right to this machine. Loves it. The kido usually uses muffin mixes. He just mixes per the package. Pours in the batter. It takes around 10 minutes for the muffins to cook. Same deal with the little cornmeal muffins as the breakfast muffins with fruit flavor or chocolate. The booklet does have a great collection of homemade muffin recipes as well. The best thing is how very easy it is to clean the Muffin Magic. Seriously, you just wipe out the cups. They are super stick proof. You can see the machine after being used a year in my photos. Still looks new. This is ever so much easier than cleaning muffin tins. I don't guess every home needs a Muffin Magic, but it's certainly a cool gadget. I'm glad I bought it. It's so easy to use. Muffins are delicious made with this muffin maker. Clean up is a breeze. My kid uses the machine which is a big plus. Any time he gets the urge for muffins, he can make them. And he makes lots of muffins now. If they come out with a 6 muffin machine, I may buy one. It's not hard to make two batches to get six though but that 10 minute time lag between. Most muffin mixes are designed to make six. The extra batter can be kept in the refrigerator if you don't need or want six at a time. So that can work out nice especially for couples or singles.  

southern, NC


Muffin Magic Electric Muffin Maker

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