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Mrs. Meyer's
Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Liquid Dish Soap

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This is my forever soap


I bought Mrs Meyers geranium accidentally once and was instantly hooked! I love that scent so much I now buy the dish soap, hand soap, cleaning spray and dryer sheets. Next I will try the laundry soap because everyone in my family especially my super picky husband loves the scent.

Chandler, AZ


Doesn't Give Me Sinus Headaches


Possibly the best dish soap I've ever used. I have allergies and tend to get sinus headaches. For the longest time I couldn't figure out why cleaning in general was causing me such severe headaches. So I decided I would try natural alternatives to conventional products. In comes Mrs. Meyers. What a difference. I don't mind doing dishes by hand anymore. Well I don't get sinus headaches anymore lol. I get the Honeysuckle scent most often. It reminds me of my childhood in the American southeast. Honeysuckle grows all over and the sweet smell of this soap takes me back. It's that good. The best part is no sinus headaches and the soap is effective.

Aurora, CO


Overly scented and concentrated


While I love Mrs. Meyers brand in general, and hesitate to give a bad review, we've tried this product several times and it has proved disappointing. The scent of these detergents gets into plastics and is nearly impossible to remove without a lot of extra work. Difficult to rinse off as well, we've had soap tasting glass dishes and flatware on occasion. This is especially offensive in that it's so strongly aromatic. I called the company and they advised me that I was using too much detergent and to use rubbing alcohol to remove the odor. While I use that for cleaning and disinfecting household surfaces, it also gets into plastics tenaciously and I only tried it once. My silicon spatulas retain the scent despite this treatment and I'm waiting for the aroma to lessen over time, hopefully it will. These products are unfortunately not worth my paying a premium price to use them.





I am giving a man's review of this product. I have to admit I like the smell. It is relaxing and clean. But I really like the way it cleans the greasy pots and pans my wife leaves me to wash! I have used all different brands and I like the Mrs. Meyer's brand best. I like that it is a green product too. Highly recommended!

Cranston, RI


What a clean day for my dishes with Mrs. Meyer's


Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Liquid Dish Soap is amazing! I get really clean dishes using all natural cleaners. It's tough on grease and other tough dish stains, even spaghetti sauce and lasagna. I also enjoy the scent and the fact that my hands aren't dry and cracked after washing dishes. I used the Liquid Dish Soap that has the "basil" scent. It not only cleans my dishes, but my pots and pans too. A quick soak and it works on the tough stuff - like just today I used it to clean my table top skillet that we had fried eggs on. It took care of the stuck on food with a quick soak and I didn't even have to try to work around it since you can't use a scrubber. The scent is pleasant and not overwhelming. I like how soft my hands are after washing dishes, because I hate wearing gloves. Overall, it's rapidly becoming one of my favorite dishwashing liquids because it's a mean, green, cleaning machine.

Houston, TX


Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Liquid Dish Soap

4.8 5