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Mr. Coffee
Mr. Coffee AR5 4-Cup Coffee Maker

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Perfect size when you are the only coffee drinker in your house.


I got this little coffee maker about six months ago and I absolutly love it. I would say my favorite thing about it is hat you can set it to brew before you get up in the morning and a full fresh pot of coffee waiting for you in the kitchen. This little thing makes four cups of coffe and that is just enough to fill a big travel mug with coffee and take it to work with you. Brew Performance This little coffe maker can make a full pot of coffe in less than two minutes. The great thing about this coffee maker is that coffee in not the only thing you can brew in this coffee maker, you can brew tea, espresso, and even hot chocolate. Ease of Cleaning When cleaning this coffee maker it takes just a few steps, all you have to do is run about four tablespoons of CLR through it and the use three pots of clean water to flush the cleaner out. Ease of Use This coffee maker is so easy to use just fill the resavore with water and put your coffe into the filter basket and begin to brew by switching it on.



Just Enough with Mr. Coffee


Mr. Coffee's 4 cup coffee maker makes just enough for the one person in the house that drinks coffee - me! It's fast, hot, and good. Ease of Use This is a easy fill one touch button coffee maker. My eight year old make coffee for me with it on Mother's Day. Durability I've been using this same little maker for years.



Mr. Coffee AR5 4-Cup Coffee Maker

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