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Mountain Buggy
Mountain Buggy Urban Triple Jogger Stroller - Black

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A manly stroller to transport the whole family!


In my home, we call this one my husbands stroller, because he uses it more than I do. It is huge and can hold three kids at once which is just amazing. Because this stroller is huge and heavy, it is too heavy and large me alone, but for my husband it works perfectly. This stroller changed our lives because with three kids under 6 years old, my husband and I can scoop up the whole family and take them out to the park with just one stroller and still have a seat for everyone. No more having to evict a kid from the stroller too soon because a new sibling comes into the family and needs the only stroller. It is sturdy and strong and it has to be with that many babies on board! It would probably work better with bigger wheels, but it is already so large that it really wouldn't make sense to add the extra weight and size. Design This is a great design for a father with a large young family, but not ideal for a petite female only because it is so big and heavy. Though even at it's size and weight, if you have three little ones in need of a stroller, this stroller is definitely better than carrying all of them or trying to push 3 strollers at once! Maneuverability Though obliviously not as maneuverable as a single seat stroller, for a triple seat stroller this one is surprisingly maneuverable.



Mountain Buggy Urban Triple Jogger Stroller - Black

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