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Motorola - cell phones Cell Phone

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Nextel i560 motorola is great for students


The Nextel, motorola i560 flip phone is great for students and busy moms. For, you have GPS, email, IM, and you can check daily news reports,your sports, and other informational things that can you help you manage your day.   You also can send text messages to your family and friends. You can send memos, and you a datebook to keep important data that the phone will beep you two days ahead of time to remind you   all in all a great phone. I use it in my travels and with home based office. I am a marketing director for my husband's design company.

Kingsland, GA


I560 is so unique


Sprint Cell Phone I560 I have had it for 3 yrs and it has never let me down it is always there for me.The phone is good for emergencies if you are stranded on the side of road, you can call 911 when you need to. It is just great to have this phone in your possession..The price is not bad either for 2 phones unlimited usage for talking.. text messages and so on.I wouldnt trade it for the world. My fiancee enjoys having this phone because he needs a phone since he is on dialysis and not doing well.This phone has been a lifesaver to us.It has pull me thru thick and thin. Sprint has put out some great phones and we have had a few but this one takes it all. Look into sprint phones they are cheap in owning one. My whole family has sprint and it makes it easier to contact them without getting charge for out of limited services.We can two way them without getting charge for a red cent. Which makes Sprint Number one in my book!!!

Mechanicsville, MD


No signal when you live in the mountains, lol.


I'm not an expert when it comes to cell phones, I like to have one in case I'm in an emergency or I need to call home from school since the school will not let me call my house from there phone. I like playing the little games that come with the phone on those long car rides, lol.  

Wells, VT


Nextel-I560 Cell Phone..My Honest Option..


I have bought a Nextel-I560 about a year ago. For One I cant really stand the service anymore. I dont think they get much service place! The Phone seems like i falls apart in a few months. Not for somebody that drops phones! It seemed to freeze and they make you go and do updates on the phone. My honest option I wold never buy this phone again. I just dont see it fitting me! Texting on the phone is bad!! It takes forever to read your text! I LOVE texting!!

Utica, MI


nextel sucks


I have had a nextel for years. They suck! The reception on these things are horrible. I'm always getting dropped calls or no calls at all. Its ridiculous! They are cheap as well! Do not recommend at all

Perkasie, PA


Service is great, but the i425 is a terrible phone


I love Boost by Sprint, but the Motorolla i425 leaves a lot to be desired.  First of all, the speakers garble a lot of what a person is saying.  Secondly, the button to alert  is WAY too sensitive and will alert the last person in memory if you lay the phone down the wrong way.

Bridgeport, CT


A tough little communication Device!


This phone seems to be working great! I have had it for about 3 months now and it has hung in tough. I tend to drop things and have dropped the phone 2 or 3 times already. It shows no wear and tear from these accidents. I like the screen display on the front of the phone so you can see who is calling without opening the phone. That is handy since you do not need to open the phone for direct connect. The nextel service is another story and I am still haivng trouble with dropped calls and service area problems even though they assured me with this new phone, I would be fine.

Concord, NC


Motorola - cell phones Cell Phone

2.9 7