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Motorola - Razor Cell Phone

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overall a good phone for the free phone on 2 year contract renew


the motorola bt50 is overall a good phone, i have no complaint's as of yet. i have had the phone for about a year now and it still works great. the phone has gone through alot of abase. I an really impressed with the amount of memory this phone has. i must have at least 1oo pictures on my phone and still have pleanty of memory. i love the fact that the phone has a 8 time zoom it helps for those far away shots, the camcorder is great to, it even records sound. the games are pretty standard and the phone already has some interesting ring tones to choose from without having to download stuff, but you still have the option to download music if you want to. i like that this phone has a calculator that is easy to use. the calender comes in handy  to. i always use the alarm clock and who needs a watch when you have a cell phone near. i also have web access but i don't use that service as of yet. i have alot more message space on this phone than other phones that i have had in the past. 

Tehachapi, CA


Motorola is not a great company


I do not like this phone in the least bit. It has good reception but thats about it. I have had it broken so many times i cant count. The back won't stay on so my battery always falls out. the camera is easily scratched so i can no longer take clear pictures, they are extremely blurry.

Cincinnati, OH


Free everything?


well, my service will not send or receive pictures or videos to or from anyone other than from the Revol network. coincidence? i'm not sure..i have to call Revol and see what's up. i'm not too happy, except for the texting. free all the time. good for me!

Wooster, OH


Motorola - Razor Cell Phone

3.3 3