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Motorola - L2 Cell Phone

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Finally, a cellphone that can be JUST a cellphone


The Motorola L2 is basically the stripped down version of the L7 in the razor family of phones. It's slim, compact, and although it doesn't *flip*, still can slip into a pocket when on the run.Since it's not a flip phone, you MUST get into the habit of locking the keypad when not in use, or run the risk of making unintentional calls. I found this out the hard way - 3 times in one month. Luckily, I have Cingular and a TON of unused rollover minutes.There also aren't a lot of aftermarket accessories if you're into those things, which I am not. But, just purchase the ones for the L7  on eBay and your set. On to the good things. 1. No camera. I mean really, why bother? Camera phones take HORRIBLE pictures, and how many people actually download them onto their computer?2. No MP3 player. Since I already own a separate MP3 player, why waste my phone battery and run the risk of not having it when I NEED it?3. Slim and compact. Fits right into my pocket or a small purse if I'm going out and not taking a lot of stuff with me.4. Great reception. I only lose service in 1 or 2 areas which are sort of down in a "valley" of sorts where no one gets service.5. Can handle a short distance fall. I've bent over to pick things up off the ground, and it's fallen out of my purse before. The worst thing that's happened is that the battery cover has gotten knocked off. Simple fix - put it back on.All in all, it's been a great phone. I've had it just over a year now and can't think of a single complaint. If you're like me and see no point in having all your electronics combined into one thing that can break and cause you to lose all, then this is the phone for you. I've downloaded some AWESOME ringtons from Cingular, and I only charge the phone every week and a half or so.

Covington, KY


Motorola cell phone is basic


This Motorola cellphone is pretty nice. It is very basic and it does what a cell phone does...which is for you to be able to recieve calls and make calls! If you want the new fancy smartphones with all the application and advanced technologies of a phone then this is not for you. This phone is pretty old and I have had it for a while now. It has a place to add a charm if you want. The phone is very durable. I have dropped it many times on concrete and there are not many visable scratches on it. There is maybe just two visable scratches on the bottom of the phone and this is good for having the phone for so long. I have seen phones that dent very easily after one dropping.  It is a very thin phone, which is a plus plus because it can just slip into a pocket or a purse without taking too much room. It also holds nicely. It is thin but dense so it doesn't feel like it will break in your hand. The downside of it is that it is not a flippy so if you don't lock your phone, keys will get pressed.

Minneapolis, MN


The best simple phone out there


If you're looking for the simplest cell phone in the market - then this is the one for you. It has no camera and none of the extra bells and whistles that one usually pays an arm and a leg for. It's also an extremely slim phone and fits in the tiniest of purses, a potential concern for some of my fellow females out there.I've also dropped it several times with no harm done to the phone.

Austin, TX


Motorola - L2 Cell Phone

4.3 3