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Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with Room Temperature Thermometer

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i love this product


the motorola digital video baby monitor with room temperature thermometer i think is a great innovative way to give you a piece of mind by monitoring your baby at the comfort of your on mobility anywhere in your household . To be where is most comforting for the baby and your yourself at your desirable location in your home by allowing the distance you from your baby knowing the baby every movement and sound with visual and voice feedback is very comforting for you. You would have to very much trust this product to allow the well being of your baby and the safety measures around your baby. i can say i truly love and trust this product the motorola digital video baby monitor with room temperature thermometer. It gives me my time to do the household activities i like to do without having my baby alone my side every step of the way. This is truly a great product and i would recommend any one with a baby to go and get they self one.

Lynchburg, SC


digital video with room temp. Nice


Well Im going to be a mommy for the second time and Im telling you this product is something I am going to invest in. This Motorola digital video baby monitor with room temperature thermometer is a great idea. I would like to know what the temprature is in my babies room. If it gets too cold at night I can make sure to bundle my baby up. If it gets too hot I can make sure I have my baby in the most comfortable setting as possible. I also like the fact that you can see whats going on in your babys room. Right now I only have the monitors where you can hear and some times my baby makes some noises where I get really worried because I have no idea what that sound was. Now with this product I will be able to see whats going on and see if my baby is ok. The price for these monitors are well worth it.

Las Cruces, NM


Motorola Video Baby monitor is decent


The Motorola Digital Video Monitor was my monitor of choice because it seemed to be a decent price and claimed to have all the features I was looking for. I wouldn't say I regret the purchase but it doesn't impress me the way I thought it would. The video on it is decent, as long as the monitor is placed close to the baby's crib.. but from a little farther away.. let alone across a room, it doesn't have good video quality at all. I also never thought to check and see if I could turn on the sound by itself or if I would always have to use video before I bought it... and the answer was that I couldn't turn the video off, or at least I couldn't figure out how to do otherwise. I found that rather annoying because it seemed to kill the battery quickly. On the pro side, it's light weight and is a decent price plus it's a great color. Another good feature is the talk-back feature which means you can hit a button on your end and call out your child's name, tell him to go to sleep, etc... The cons were definitely the limited camera range and the short battery life. I don't know that I'd recommend it or not but if a person knows of these two cons and is still okay with the idea of it then it should work fine for them.

Canisteo, NY


This Digital Baby Monitor w/Temp Thermo is the best one yet.


I'm amazed at todays wonderful technology. The fact that this not only helps you to monitor your child while doing housework, cooking, etc., but also helps you to keep your child at a comfortable temperature. Monitor your child while they are sleeping, playing or you just have to step out of the room for a minute.So many kids get sick from being overheated. This just simply allows you to maintain that perfect temperature in their room to avoid just that. I think this is very much well worth the money to invest in. I definately recommend this product for every expecting parent or even parents of young children. I myself have 3 children and find this baby monitor very wonderful, helpful and useful. I would even recommend this to parents of kids with sleep disorders because then when one isnt sleeping you can look on the monitor and know exactly which one it is and go straight to them without disturbing anyone else. It just helps you yo monitor the kids much better all around. So go bye one and enjoy it.

Lomax, IL


Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with Room Temperature Thermometer

4.5 4