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Motorola - Cell Phone

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It works well for what I need it for.


Well I can honestly say that I've never had a problem with my service breaking up or going out on me while using my phone. I know it's no black berry or anything, but it does what I need a phone to do, is to call if it's an emergency. The minutes are prepaid and never have to use them up, can use them whenever I want to. The phone is decently small, and support text messaging, like most cell phones do. Not sure what else to say about it, but for it's price, it isn't a bad phone. And these phones can also be aquired for free, if you qualify at And they too offer you free minutes per month. But like I said, you must qualify if you're low income. A lot of people gave this a bad review cause it's an old cell phone, but sure, it doesn't support today's functions in the newer cell phones. I believe a phone should be used as a phone, and nothing else. And rings tones, who cares if it doesn't have many ring tones, you can even create your own ring tones for it if you read up on how to do it. Anyways, it's good for what it's supposed to do, I give it a 5 star cause it works.

Beaver Falls, PA


Terrible Phone, terrible service.


The Motorola w175g was the first phone I got, and the absolute WORST. the first couple days I couldnt stop staring at it. I loved it then!! Then I tried calling Customer service: The first time I called, I hung up by accident. The second time I called, they made me wait 30 minutes then hung up on me. The 3rd time I called I hung up after waiting 15 minutes. I wasnt gonna wait that long to reset my voicemail, which it still didnt let me do after that. Thats when I started getting annoyed with it. The Texting should cost at LEAST .10 minutes, not .30. That it just way too much. And heres another bug! After leaving it in the case for a couple days, it wont turn back on. Yeah...I tried to turn it on, and after the "Hellomoto" stuff, it went to the TracFone waves. It went blank, then did the TracFone waves again like its supposed to do when It turns off, and then turned off. I havent been able to turn it back on since. Im switching to the AT&T Samsung A177 GoPhone, hoping it will be better then this peice of junk. I think the Games are the only good thing about it (well and the fact that it can text, but its still terrible at that) and plus it has no web browser, so your stuck with the crappy ringtones it gives you.....

Greenville, RI


basic phone


I bought this phone as a replacement for the one that I had stolen.  It is a cheap phone, I guess you get what you pay for.  The battery life is good, and the keyboard is easy to use.  The only complaint I have is the ease at which you can go online and browse the internet.  I did this a couple of times unintentionally, while the phone was in my pocket. Unitl I discovered that bthe phone has a key lock.  Having said this, I do feel that the Motorola 175 is a good basic phone for the none techy person

Hot Springs National Park, AR


Motorola - Cell Phone

3.0 3