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FM Transmitter
Monster Cable
Monster Cable - iCarPlay Wireless Plus Car / Plane Charger, FM Transmitter for Apple iPod shuffle (AISHFMCHPS)

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Too much static, not enough song.


I bought the fm transmitter by imonster without having done research (I know silly me) and now regret my choice. While it is serviceable, it has not lived up to my expectations. By having only 8 preset station choices, I always have a fair amount of static playing along with my music. Even when I've managed to find that one preset that is working, I've had it happen where 10 minutes down the road I can no longer hear my music, but another station is cutting in. I've also found that in order to hear the songs at a normal level, I have to turn my volume to around double the normal radio setting. For myself, there are just too many radio stations near the low end of the dial for this to be effective.

Lakeland, FL


Sufficient if you can find a good station


I used this product for a few years with my iPod and was mostly satisfied once I found an FM station that worked consistently well. The sound was clear and I didn't have too many issues with static, although I can't say it was perfect. And it was definitely a positive that it would simultaneously charge the iPod in the car while I was listening to it. Things that I didn't like: - Maybe it was just me, or my car, but I felt like it took a lot of force to plug and unplug it in my car's outlet. Sometimes I thought I might damage the product or my outlet. - The buttons for each station were kind of sensitive - suddenly my music would cut out and I would look down and realize it was because something had accidentally hit one of the other buttons and switched it to another station. - I found it troublesome to have to find new stations and reset them any time I left my usual driving area. This met my needs for the most part, but I probably should have gotten something different.

Raleigh, NC


It gets the job done, but wireless fm is not the way to go.


I've **ALWAYS **been a firm believer in Monster products. As far as I can tell (installed alot of these) the Monster transmitter holds up really well, and, compared to the others I've seen on the market, does just as good as most, if not better.The problem most people don't realize is, the FCC  forced manufacturers to cut down the strength of wireless FM modulation because they were bleeding over into other people's radios, forcing a neighboring car to listen to other people's music (which could be obscene).This is why XM, Sirius and other items with wireless transmission built in do not work well.My advice, get you local installer to hardwire you a connection for your mp3 or ipod. Its realitively inexpensive and well worth it!!

Overton, TX


Easier to use but not as good as the Griffin iTrip


I've tried a number of 'players' that allow you to play your iPod or other portable music player through your car's FM radio. I've never been fully satisfied with any of them. I tried the Monster Cable iCarplay because I thought that for the relatively high price and only 8 FM stations to choose from it must be really good. Well that was a stupid assumption wasn't it! I'd say the Monster Cable iCarplay's sound quality landed pretty much in the middle of the different units I tried. The limited number of stations and the design make it very easy to operate but even on an 'empty' station (which didn't occur very often) there was a lot of static. I tried positioning the unit in different spots but it never made enough of a difference. A friend gave me their old Griffin iTrip which allows you to use any frequency but it took me awhile to get the hang of changing the frequency. The old iTrip is definitely not what I would call user friendly but the sound quality was by far the best of all the different units I've tried. Griffin has come out with a new iTrip which is as user friendly as the Monster unit but I have not had the opportunity to hear how well it works.

Incline Village, NV


Monster Cable - iCarPlay Wireless Plus Car / Plane Charger, FM Transmitter for Apple iPod shuffle (AISHFMCHPS)

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