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Mobi Mobicam Digital Wireless Video Monitor

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Great Monitor, but I Do Have a Few Gripes...


My husband and I purchased this monitor for our newborn. Being able to see our daughter gives us great peace of mind comparred to the traditional baby monitor we had the first few weeks of her life. I'm able to get more done around the house since I'm not checking on her constantly to see if she's alright during her naps. The biggest gripe I have is that there's something about the monitor that slows our wireless connection in the house waaaay down. The volume setting also fails to retain memory from it's last use. When you turn off the monitor, the volume goes to the lowest setting when you turn it back on.

Battle Creek, MI


Mobicam very good babycam but could use more features


Great night vision. Perfect to see the baby in the dark. I love the A/V connection. My husband and I connect the monitor to the TV in our room and we can watch our son on our TV. Mobicam can make some improvements to the monitor, larger screen, better resolution, zoom. One con is that everytime you turn the unit on you have to remember to turn up the volume setting. It goes back down to 0 everytime you shut it off. We have not had any interference with our home wireless internet connection with the use of this unit.

Folsom, CA


Mobi Mobicam Digital Wireless Video Monitor

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