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Cute bags.


My daughter's school used Mixed Bag Designs for their yearly fundraiser. They have some pretty cute bags made with a pretty durable, recycled, wanna be plastic but not type feel to them. The fundraising program is good because the school makes almost half of the the amount sold. I ordered a few sandwich bags, but the pattern I wanted was out of stock, so my total was given back to via a gift card with a bonus gift as well. I then ordered it online with the gift card, had a free shipping option, and received it in no time. Their paper products are very durable and quality. I would not buy the velcro closed sandwich bags again though...they said dishwasher safe, but the plastic material seemed to keep breaking down and just doesn't look very nice. All the shopping bags, duffel, carrying bags etc can all carry quite a hefty load without breaking. They are durable and made to last at least that first year. Then the plastic look gets crinkly and old, worn looking.



Cute stuff


I was first introduced to Mixed Bags through a fundraiser at our school. The displays the school set out showcased some really cute products and a great selection of different types of bags. I love that this product is made from recycled materials and I love that you can recycle it after it's lifetime has been used up. My friend has a cooler bag that we haul to beaches and out of town girl trips. It is used and abused and has held up very nicely. The product that I ordered (the car organizer that hangs on the back of your seat) from our school fundraiser was super cute, but arrived damaged. I didn't notice this until a month or so after the fundraiser. I called the company and had no problems getting a replacement bag sent out to me right away. The customer service was excellent! The other products that I ordered were just fine, so I am sure this was just a random thing that happens to all companies. Either way, it turned out to be a great way to get some cute bags and help raise money for our school!




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