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Miraflex Rice Cooker

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Miraflex Rice Cooker is rare, but quite functional and fast!


The Miraflex Rice cooker we have is a five cup capacity rice cooker. It is exceptionally fast, at least faster than my older rice cooker. This brand is locally sold in San Jose, California. There are many rice cooker stores here in San Jose and their brands are not usually nationally known. The rice cooker has been a staple in our home for many years and this has been a serious work horse for at least five years now. I would recommend this rice cooker to any local San Jose citizens who cook rice on a daily basis. The rice that works best with this cooker is any Thai Jasmine Rice. I do use American long grain rice sometimes, but you need to add more water so that the rice is not dry. We are not used to dry and hard rice. I have not tried Basmati rice, but we would like to since Indian food is our second favorite cuisine. Anyway, the rice cooker cooks a 2 cup batch in about 15 minutes. For three to four cups, it takes about 20 to 25 minutes. Since we like fresh rice each dinner, we cook up to 2 cups a day. This machine is recommended for small families or couples.  

San Jose, CA


Miraflex Rice Cooker

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