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Handheld GPS
Mio DigiWalker 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator

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A Very Handy GPS Navigator!


My husband gave me this GPS to put in my car, after he bought a new car that already had a GPS installed. I found the Mio to be very helpful when looking for places in areas that I was unfamiliar with. It has lots of cool features & is very accurate, speedy & dependable. I was also able to mount it on my car dash. It has a nice size screen as well.

Newport News, VA


Very helpful for when your in a new area.


**Mio - C230 GPS Device is something I will consider for my husband as  father's day gift.  I believe it is just what we are looking for and will be useful in many ways. From local areas when he has to travel to a substitute teaching job in a district he is new to or has not been teaching at yet.   To taking day trips and vacations with the family.     I think it is handy to have and will be an asset.  **

Mead, WA


Mio will get you there!


The Mio is an awesome GPS device.  It is not too expensive, has a good screen size and is fairly consistent with directions.  You have tons of choices and options, including voice and language, whether or not to take highways or toll roads, etc.  I love it!  Once in a while it gets confused and says you have arrived when you haven't, but this is mostly with the POIs and you can update them with the CD that comes with the Mio to avoid this problem. 

Rochester, NY


spend a little more money and get a better GPS-mio not worth it


My husband and I recently bought a mio gps system, and we were dissappointed by it, the road names were not accurate,  it was slow at re-routing, slow to start up, and very disappointing overall. It could not find any of the locations we programmed into it the whole weekend and we picked easy to find places in the larger city around us that other gps could find (we have borrowed my husband's parents tom tom before and it was great) The Mio was cheaper, but we definitly got a lower end electronic, we are returning it and getting a tom tom! I guess you get what you pay for. Defintly better off paying a little more for another brand.

Mount Pleasant, PA


My personal assistant


Great gps for a great price! I love having this contraption in my car...I call mine Simon (you know, cause he tells me what to do). The directions have never been wrong, the voice is super clear and easy to understand. I love it!  It has a great selection of places in the database that you can simply pull up and get guided to .

Acworth, GA




I am new to U.S.A.Driving in states is a difficult task, especially  driving in highways is a very difficult task.Image when we miss the highway,i bought Mio (digi walker).It's such a nice piece,c230 is compact ,easy to use GPS navigator.Featuring preloaded maps and realtime text-to-speech. The only drawback with this C230 is, it will not tell where is our distination, in the right or left when we reach our destination.But is too good for the price i got it from DealsHotDeals website .I am enjoying my drive with this and have a great feeling of driving home with some friend to guide my way every day.  

Milford, MA


Great GPS for the price


Good price for a decent little GPS. It does have text to speach, which is unusual for a low cost GPS. With a little searching on the internet you can find a very easy way to unlock the Windows mobile software and add MP3, games and video capabilities. There are also easy ways to add many more POI's, just do some searching.

Centerville, UT


Mio DigiWalker 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator

4.0 7