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Mink Difference Pump(non-aerosol) Hair Spray, Extra Hold - 7 Oz

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Hard to find but worth it


The first time I ever used this hairspray I was in middle school and had come across my grandmother's leftover bottle. I had been subject to cheap hairsprays that left my hair crunchy and clumped together in weird strands, but this hairspray seemed to dissolve into my hair while preserving its original shape. What I particularly liked about Mink was that I could even brush it out for a more casual, disheveled effect and the hairspray would still retain the bend of my hair as I had styled it (my hair is by nature coarse, stiff and not a little unruly). A little went a long way, as long as you didn't hold the can too close to your head so that the nozzle could cover a wider range. I especially like this product for holding bangs to one side. The hairspray also had a unique and intriguing smell to it. I'm not entirely sure what to call it, as I wouldn't say floral, but it was heady and smelled surprisingly young and fresh.

Roswell, GA


Mink Difference Pump(non-aerosol) Hair Spray, Extra Hold - 7 Oz

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