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Mineral Indulgence
Mineral Indulgence Curls By Nature

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Pretty good stuff


I actually didn't purchase the Curls By Nature, I received a sample of it with an order I placed a while back. One thing I will say is that their customer service is** EXCELLENT**; I inquired about the natural hair regimen set I purchased and got a prompt response saying it was shipped with an included curls by nature sampler that they only offered certain customers. I received it two days after I placed my order. The Curls by nature came in a packet and smelled like frosting. It was fairly thick so I only used about 1/2 of the packet on my daughter's hair. Probably left it on longer than I should have, but when i rinsed her hair it was super soft and hydrated. I was able to glide a comb through her hair with ease. The natural hair regimen I purchased contained a Napturally Sulfate Free shampoo, Shea and Mango Conditioning Mask, Olive and Coconut Milk, growing naturally hair butter, and a serum (as well as the free sample). I shook the shampoo up well, and put about a nickel sized amount in the palm of my hand and worked into a lather. I was unsure how to use the products together as I usually use Pantene shampoo Infusium and Suave's Tropical Coconut on my hair (nothing special), so one of the reps emailed me very detailed instructions as to how to use each product for a regimen. The shampoo is organic and sulfate free, since I have hard water I used distilled water to rinse my hair, and had soft moisturized yet very clean hair. I put the conditioning mask on but sat under a drier for about 15 minutes before rinsing. The mask is very thick, so I found this to be the best way to use it on my thick hair. This is the only regimen that has moisturized my hair well enough to the point where I don't have to co-wash on a daily basis. I do wish that they continued to sale their products in kits, but other than that...I love the customer service of this line as well as the products.

Glen Saint Mary, FL


Mineral Indulgences Curls By Nature Loves My Hair


I have 4a/4b/3c super tight coily hair.Before I do my review, it'd be best for me to first state that I am** NOT** protein sensitive. This deep conditioner (Curls By Nature) is somewhat of a protein treatment and works differently depending on what your hair likes. My hair likes milk proteins so I can use this conditioner with good results, people who dont get good results are most likely protein sensitive which means proteins or protein based conditioners are not for their hair type.    I used to use Aubrey Organics and Joe Nourish as they were the only conditioners that added moisture to my hair...but the results did not last as long as I would like. I only use products on my hair that are all natural and/or organic..I don't like using chemical based products near my scalp at all. My AOHR was becoming less and less effective on my hair, and I was in need of a good conditioner (as I do a lot of co-washing) that was natural and good for nappy African American natural hair like mine. I love my hair, but sometimes it can be unbearable if I don't twist it every single night. I've never been able to do wash n' gos without getting tangles, so being able to do a wash n' go has been my hair goal. Anyway, I went on and purchased the Curls By Nature from Mineral Indulgence. The smell of the product is very similar to that of cheescake. It's not overpowering but it's definitely there and smells nice. The product arrived in a 16oz jar and was pinkish and color and looked sort of stiff. When I purchased this in the summer again though, it was in a bottle. I asked about this and the rep told me that the texture may change depending on the weather (for instance if it's cold it will be in a jar, so it doesn't harden in the bottle, and if it's hot it will be in a bottle so it doesn't leak from the jar...based on the ingredients it has a lot of coconut oil in it so it makes sense).  I wet my hair with the Revitalizing hair tonic in combed out sections and that instantly added well needed moisture and softness to my hair as well as elongated my curls abit. It definitely beats the moisturizing sprays I made for my hair before. When I stuck my hand in the jar I used just a little bit and the consistency was creamy and thinned out in my hand. I raked it through the wettened section of hair just like I would a curl product and then did my whole head. I allowed it to set for a while and rinsed it out. Prior to rinsing it out, my hair was frizz-free..VERY shiny, and I had a lot of curl clumpage (which is a good thing).  When I rinsed it out I saw curls and coils galore. My hair was soft and fluffy, and was so detangled that I didn't even have to use a comb. This was the first time I was able to do a full fledged wash n' go hair style as well. I rarely ever state that a product is "the one" but this deep conditioner is the best I've ever used so it will be a staple. 

Chevy Chase, MD


Mineral Indulgence Curls By Nature

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