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MilkBank Vented Feeding Baby Bottles

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Great but lettering rubs off


We loved using the milkband bottles.  My daughter never had issues with spitting up or gas once we switched to these.  The only complaint we have is that the lettering rubs off quickly.  One side note is that I called the company in California because I could not find stage 1 nipples because the bottles come with stage 2 nipples.  They quickly sent me out nipples for my bottles without charge.

Fort Worth, TX


Do not buy Milkbank Bottles they are not worth the money


I purchased the Milkbank bottles for my second son after having a bad experience with the Avent bottles I wanted something that would not leak.  Checked out some reviews on BRU website and decided on these.  I was so excited about them only to be very disappointed with them.  They do leak because they have a straw type valve that does not always stay attached to the nipple when you go to shake the bottle it pops off and milk goes everywhere.  So you have to dig out the valve and reattach it.  Plus the bottles have the numbers printed on them and they washed off so I have many bottles that you can't even read the numbers on them and have to guess what level you are at.  We contacted the manufacture many times via e-mail and left messages on their phone line and never heard back from them.  I can't even re-use these bottles for another child so I would have to buy new ones again.  Totally not worth the money, and company does not stand behind their product. I was very  very disappointed with these bottles.

Cedar Springs, MI


This is the only bottle I've ever had that did not leak.


I was looking for a new baby bottle because my Avent bottle was leaking badly.  My baby has also been colicy lately, and just did not seem to like the Avent brand any longer.  So I started researching the bottles in this area, and narrowed my final selections down to Dr. Brown and MilkBank after researching colic reducing bottles on the internet.  I visited my local BRU to see both company products, and was surprised to see so many items by each company.  I ended up buying the MilkBank 8 oz. bottle because it seemed to offer everything that the Dr. Brown offered, but it looked better to me, and came in a wide mouth version.  It also boasted of being 100% leak free.  So I was sold.  Overall, my baby has loved the bottle, and his colic has stopped.  I also have not experienced a single leaking bottle like I had before.  Overall - I give this an A++++.         

Antioch, CA


MilkBank Vented Feeding Baby Bottles

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