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No different from other travel sites, no real military discount


The Bottom Line: If you are a member of the military (active duty or dependent) and you hope to get some kind of special price because of it, this website will not give you any special treatment. I find it very misleading to advertise that the website caters to the military. The prices you get here will be identical to the prices you can get for most other travel websites. This is nothing more than just another travel search engine, but one that is very cluttered and not user friendly. Not recommended. Ease of Use At first glance, this website is very cluttered. Many of the specialized links (like "Search for best rates" under R&R Vacation specials) only take you right back to the main page. This website is mostly a place to look for hotels, and after using their dedicated search engine, and comparing the prices I was quoted with the prices I got from other similar travel websites, the prices were the same, if not lower, on other websites. Features This website does not any special feature to set it apart from other travel sites. I actually hate the layout, and no matter what link you click on, it takes you back to the homepage. It does have a very long list of the military bases in the USA and overseas, but this is information you can easily find yourself on official military websites. This website has no affiliation with the government or military, and you will not get a special deal because you are in the military. Anyone can access and use the website, and you never need to show proof that you are in the military.




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