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Miele Inspira Built-in Dishwasher

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Save energy.Great capacity.efficiency good.Enough cicles to


This product is great.Save energy and clean well.



Yes, it is possible to hate an appliance...


I own the Miele 2142 which was rated #1 last year by various sites and Miele is still ranked highly with JD Power, as one quickly learns while sitting interminably on hold with their tech support department. Don't be fooled. This Miele replaced a Bosch which ran without issue for over a decade. Miele is the worst appliance I have ever owned. It does not clean well, it does not dry, it requires regular "desoaping" with white vinegar as well as cleaning the trap and refilling the Rinse Agent frequently. The service department is inane, and tries to explain that the poor drying is because it is "European and Green." Please, spare me. And now back to putting a fan in front of the overheated unit while waiting for a technician to come (one week is the soonest) for the third time this month. If you're reading this review, it is likely you can afford any dishwasher model, but that is no reason to pay more for an inferior product with substandard support. Pay less and get more. Horrible. Noise Level When the soap and rinse dispenser lids open you'll think someone is throwing rocks at your house. Cleaning Time 5 hours for wet dishes on Normal setting. Sometimes, it just never stops running until it is unplugged. Loading Flexibility Like the silverware tray. Unfortunately, it is at the top of the unit where nothing dries. Performance Water spots, soap film, leftover food. The tech will tell you to use the Miele detergent tabs which are so well designed that they ask you to "cut them into four sections." Design All looks and no brains. Durability Can't say. It has never worked correctly. And I will likely give up, consider it an expensive education, and buy another brand long before this dies of natural causes.

Northport, NY


My Miele Inspira Dishwasher is so quiet I don't know it's on!


I love my Miele Inspira dishwasher.  It cleans very well with minimal rinsing.  It takes about 1/3 of the soap that my other dishwasher took and it is so quiet that I don't know it's running.  Was well worth the extra money to have such a fine appliance.

Monee, IL


Miele Inspira Built-in Dishwasher

3.7 3