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Miele 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher G2181SCVi

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Love, love, love this dishwasher.


It washes great, is extremely quiet, love the flatware tray. And expecially like the versatility of the racks and tines which can be maneuvered and set to many different degrees. And it really d oes clean fine china and stemware beautifully. Noise Level Noise level is very good, however I would rate my BOSCH as the quietest ever. That's not to say the miele is making a racket. Far from it. But comparatively speaking, BOSCH is quieter. Loading Flexibility This dishwasher has the most flexibility of any dishwasher I've ever owned. You can put huge pots and pans, long stemed glassware, small items and everything in between. It takes some getting used to but once you get the grip of it, it's fantastic. Performance Cleans exceptionally well Design Excellent design.



Form and function = perfectly clean dishes, every time.


For me, the Miele is the Rolls Royce of dishwashers--now that I'm a convert, I'll never go back to another brand. Noise Level So quiet, that my husband once opened the dishwasher, not realizing it was on. Oops!! Cleaning Time It does take a bit longer than other brands, but the result is also much better, so I guess you can't rush perfection. Loading Flexibility At first, I thought the utensil "tray" on top (instead of a basket at the bottom) was weird...but again, I am a total convert now. So nice to put all your forks together, knives together, etc., because when you're unloading, you just scoop up all the forks into a neat pile, and place in their spot in the drawer. Super fast! Performance Clean, fresh dishes, every time. Design There seems to be so much room on all levels--and as I said above, I love the utensil "tray" at the top of the unit. Durability No problems at all. Knock on wood. :)

Lafayette, CA


Miele 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher G2181SCVi

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