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Microtex Microfiber Applicator Pad   4.75"

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Great applicator!!


I purchased these Microtex microfiber applicator pads for applying leather cleaner to our automobile seats and wax to the outside of the car, but they can be used for various cleaning jobs inside the home as well. The first thing that comes to my mind is applying cleaner to anything that needs more of a subtle touch, say a kitchen sink. These applicators are smooth and leave no lint behind. The application of leather cleaner and wax are simple to apply. Just use a round, circular motion with a small amount of the cleaner or wax. These applicators can be washed in warm, sudsy water. Then just squeeze out and allow to dry. There are two applicators to a package and they were very inexpensive. I got them at Walmart but I imagine they can be purchased wherever auto supplies are sold as well. I highly recommend these applicators for cleaning leather, applying wax or just about anything in your home that needs a soft touch!!

SmallTown, TX


Microtex Microfiber Applicator Pad 4.75"

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