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Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller (Wireless)

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MSFT Xbox 360 wireless controller: LOVE the cordless aspect!


We LOVE that all of our Xbox 360 controllers are now wireless. Before we upgraded all of them, we always found ourselves tripped on the cords. There was a significant gap between our console and the seating in our home. To make matters worse, we have four dogs. They would go running around our living room without a second though to the cords. This was particularly an issue because Netflix is our primary source of entertainment. We watch way more Netflix through our console than we do cable through our regular cable service provider. Before upgrading, we were always concerned about the long term effect of our controllers constantly hitting the hard wood floors. Ultimately, we decided it was worth the investment to upgrade to the wireless. It's so much less of a hassle to not worry about the cords. Our only concern was about how long the battery would last. It's amazing - charging for once a week is all it takes. Granted, we're not gaming but it perfectly suits our needs.



Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller (Wireless)

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