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Microplane Series 35000 Extra Coarse Grater

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Perfect for fresh grating fresh gingeroot and "mincing" garlic.


We love to make Chinese stir fry for dinner but hated grating the fresh ginger. If I used my box grater I found that the pieces of ginger were a little too large. I was looking specifically for a grater that would easily grate ginger into smaller pieces. I had been using my Microplane zester for this job and while it did grate the gingeroot into finer pieces, it was laborious and messy. I picked up this grater in hopes that I could quickly grate a large piece of ginger root easily. This grater absolutely delivered. After my success with grating gingeroot I decided to try it with garlic in hopes of getting a finer mince. By running the cloves over this hand grater, the garlic is finely minced and ready for my stir fry and pasta sauces. I have since ditched my garlic press and use only the microplane to prep my garlic. This microplane grater has stayed sharp, sturdy, and is easy to clean. The handle is perfect size to fit comfortably in your hand and allows you to grip the handle in such a way that allows you to grate quickly and safely.



Microplane Series 35000 Extra Coarse Grater

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