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Michael Graves Two-Slice Toaster

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LOVE this Toaster - Looks Great, Works Even Better!


This is my favorite toaster ever and I have had it for several years. It still works as great as the day I got it and the design is REALLY cool. Toasting Evenness Bread and bagels are toasted evenly EVERY time. Safety The top is really "chunky" - there is a lot of space above where you actually grab the toast, so little ones' fingers are protected from accidents. Ease of Cleaning I don't know any toaster that is "very good" at being easy to clean with all the tiny crumbs that can get in every nook and cranny of a machine, but this one cleans quite easily. There is a tray at the bottom that is easy to remove and handles most of the mess. Just slide it back in after emptying. Durability I've had this toaster for YEARS. Design The design is what I like best about this toaster. Michael Graves has such a cool, contemporary style. It looks great on my kitchen counter.

Sterling, VA


Michael Graves Two-Slice Toaster

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