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Method Leather Love Cleaning Wipes

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I would use these wipes again


I used this product after one of my horse shows. My saddle gets very dirty, so I need a heavy duty cleaner. The only problem was that this product left a slight residue.



Works Great On My Leather Ottoman


Method makes products of a consistently excellent quality so when I needed a leather cleaner for an ottoman I looked to their brand first and lo and behold I discovered their Leather Love Cleaning Wipes. I don't do a lot of leather cleaning since I only have the one ottoman with a leather top so I can't speak to how well these little wipes do on a large surfaces, but I have been very pleased by their performance. I love that they're remoistened wipes. You just pop open the baby wipes type package and pull out what you need and snap the little door closed. The package is designed to keep the wipes fresh and ready to go whenever you need them and works perfectly. I usually use two wipes for my small ottoman. The first is to clean off all the dust and accumulated cat hair and the second as a finishing step to condition and leave it shiny and fresh. The smell is very pleasant and the ingredients are safe so I feel confident using them on the ottoman that my cat has claimed as his. I would definitely recommend these for cleaning leather around the house and the package design would also be ideal for those who have leather upholstery in their cars as it would fit perfectly into the glove box.

Vernon Rockville, CT


Leather Love- 2 steps in one- cleans and conditions


Method's Leather Love cleaning wipes are very convenient. Most leather care kits include a cleaning solution as well as a conditioning solution that are to be applied separately. Method's cleaning wipes, however, do both in one step. The packing is simple- a standard wipes package with a hard plastic resealable dispenser top. The wipes are thick and have a pleasant yet subtle odor. They contain some kind of plant oil that allows for conditioning and the wipe is wet enough to help lift any dirt off. It will not be a miracle worker, but is best utilized for more frequent cleaning and conditioning. The plant oil in the wipes does not leave a sticky residue or anything, just appears to make the leather softer and more pliable. For a more deep cleaning I would choose a liquid cleaning solution and not a 2 in 1 wipe. The price seems a bit steep for what it is, but I clean rarely enough that it will probably take quite a while to get through 1 pack. With Method as an eco-friendly brand, I am willing to put up with the pricing.

Riverside, CA


Method Leather Love Cleaning Wipes

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