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Meow Mix
Meow Mix Seafood Medley Dry Cat Food

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My two kittens/cats LOVE this stuff!


A while ago I adopted a cat named Tina and her kittens named Bonbon and Leo. The day I bought them I went to the store to buy them stuff, including food, which was Alley Cat cat food. I went to the store one day to find that they were currently out of Alley Cat, so I decided to change it up and buy a different brand of cat food. I decided to go with Meow mix seafood medley because what cat doesn't love seafood? At first I was a little worried since they had only had pretty much one kind of dry cat food in their lives, but when I gave them a bowl full of Meow Mix they went crazy when they were done and meowed for more! Once again after going to the store I decided to see if they liked any kind of cat food better and bought a bag Alley Cat and a bag of pet pride. At first I didn't think my cats were picky eaters, that is until I gave them each a bowl of Alley Cat and a bowl of pet pride. Surprisingly, they both refused to eat them, and started trying to get into the bag of Meow Mix. From that point on, I have always bought them Meow Mix! I would recommend this to any cats, especially those picky eaters! Good Luck!



This is my cat's favorite of the line


My cats love seafood, and this dry food is their mainstay in between canned feedings. They eat it more than they do the other flavors because the dispenser with this one in it needs refilling fastest. Quality of Ingredients I judge this by the enthusiasm my cats have when served this food. They run up to eat it as soon as the bag is opened, and one cat in particular runs from the bedroom and slides on the floor to stop at the dish to get his. He loves salmon, and this is good enough salmon to entice him to eat well. It's also good enough quality to raise young growing kittens with. I have grown several healthy kittens from bottle to old age with this food. Flavor Selection There are several good flavors available, but this one seems to be the favorite.



My cats won't accept anything else


I buy (and have always bought) Meow Mix for my cats. I originally gave them the original mix, but then one day there wasn't any on the shelf and I got the seafood flavors instead. I gave it to my cats and they love it. They won't eat any other kind of cat food except this and the original. Whenever I put some of this cat food in the dish, both of my cats come running. Its like they know that they are getting their food and actually headbutt each other away from the dish, because they are greedy and fat and like to have the food all to themselves. I buy the large bag (I think its a 20 lb bag?) and it doesn't last very long since my cats eat so much. But it is definitely worth it, because meow mix is affordable. It is less expensive than other brands which makes me happy that my cats chose this brand to get addicted to. Also, meow mix is good for them. The brand offers many different types, depending on if you have in indoor cat or something, so you can always find something that is just right for your kitty

Columbus, OH


Meow Mix Is Not The Cats Meow


**Meow Mix Seafood Medley is one cat food I will never purchase again! At first I thought, oh good seafood flavor. That was a big mistake! I normally buy a holistic brand of cat food, but I thought to give this a try. I am so sorry I did. Sure my cats ate it and it seemed as though they liked it. Then I noticed they were getting sick. They were coughing with a horrible sound, spitting up the food by the tons. It was a very scary experience for me. I thought maybe something was toxic in the ingredients. I read the ingredients and it had a lot of things that are very toxic to cats. By products, gluten and many others. I ended up throwing out a large bag. I am not looking for a bargain when it comes to my cats. I am looking for quality and healthy ingredients. Also flavor is important, I want them to be happy with the taste of their food and enjoy their meals. But, this incident really frightened me. My cats had never before become sick from their food. I would not recommend this product!**

Lafayette, LA


Our cats go crazy for this stuff


Our two cats love this stuff! They are picky little things who don't want to eat most things that are offered to them, but they go crazy for Meow Mix seafood flavor.  They really can't get enough of it and practically attack us at the door to get some more.  They don't seem to get bored of it like they did their old cat food.  I appreciate that it is reasonably priced, as well.  With two cats and a baby at home, I don't want to spend too much on cat food, and Meow Mix fits this need so well.  We can feed our cats for a month or more on one large bag, which is so reasonably priced.  They have been eating Meow Mix for months now, and they are very healthy and active kitties.  We have had no problems with their diet, and the veterinarian says they are some of the healthiest felines he treats.  We will definitely be sticking with Meow Mix as our cat food of choice.  There is no reason to pay for a pricier brand when Meow Mix keeps our cats healthy and happy!

Wentzville, MO


Meow Mix Seafood Medley Dry Cat Food

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