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Mentholatum Natural Ice Lip Protectant

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love it, love it, love it


I have been using this chapstick for over 15 years. At first, I could only find it about an hour away from my home and I would make the drive once a month and buy five or six of these. Yes, they do work that well. Especially the Cherry flavor. It has SPF so you don't need to worry about sunburn. It has a nice fresh, clean scent as well. I have found that when you have a cold, you can also rub a small amount on your nose. I have found this helps to 1) soothe your nose when it is all raw from blowing it, and 2) helps to clear out your nose just a little bit so you can breathe better. This chapstick is also smooth and not very greasy. That makes it nice to put under lipstick and/or lipgloss. It also goes on clear. Natural Ice comes in regular, menthol flavor, which I have used, though not near as much as the cherry flavor. It also has another flavor, not sure of what it is as I have not tried it yet, but I suspect it will be as good as the other ones.

Placerville, CA


Mentholatum natural ice lip chapstick is the best ever!


I have tried several lip sticks to heal my chapped lips and Mentholatum Ice is by far the best one.  It immediately soothes your lips and lasts a long time without making you want to reapply immediately.  It doesnt have any fragrance to it, which is good because I like natural products with as little chemicals as possible.  It has a touch of a minty taste so you dont feel like you're putting on wax.  It doesnt sting or burn or have an aftertaste, which can be annoying in other products.  It glides on nicely and doesnt leave your mouth feeling greasy.  Mentholatum Ice also has an SPF 15 layer to prevent from sunburn and windburn if you're outside doing sports activities.  I have been buying this chap stick for several years and have never had any problems with it.  It's also extremely reasonably priced in comparison with some of the other brands out there.  It comes in a few flavors also so you can switch off.  Highly recommended!

Beaver Dam, WI


I don't leave home without my Natural Ice


Natural Ice is a medicated lip protectant with SPF 15.  I love it because it goes on without leaving a thick feel to it.  It has no odor and no color.  I LOVE IT!  I never leave home without mine.  It's not expensive at all and it works wonders on dry lips.  There are some days I only put it on a couple of times.  It lasts that long!

Tulsa, OK


Mentholatum Natural Ice Lip Protectant

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