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Melissa & Doug Piano

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This is the perfect first piano!


My husband's parents bought this as a Christmas present for my son when he was only 2. It was perfect for him! Every time Daddy started practicing on "the big piano" (i.e. Daddy's keyboard), my son would go find his piano and put it right by his daddy's they would bang on their own and sing together for almost an hour (not a bad attention span for a toy designed for a two-year-old). Eventually the mini-piano earned a permanent place right by Daddy's keyboard and it became an almost daily tradition. I love that we can instill a love of music in our young ones in such an adorably memorable way. The quality was great. The paint stayed on pretty well for how much wear and tear it got and I loved the glossy primary color scheme it had going on. The only problem I had was the sound of it. It was almost like a xylophone instead of a piano sound. It was harsh and high-pitched. I would have preferred just a smaller version of a piano as the packaging indicates, not a disguised xylophone, but I haven't really seen that in a children's toy before. So, I would still turn to this for my first choice if I ever had another need for a mini piano in my little family.



Probably would be nice, if my children played with it...


I don't know why, buy neither by 3 year old or 1 year old find this piano that interesting. It is a very cute piano, and sounds very nice when played. I don't care so much that it might not be 'in tune' as other people have mentioned in other site's reviews, since it is a toddlers piano. I noticed it is suggested for children over 3, but it is so short and close to the ground that it lends itself nicely (if not even nicer) for the younger child. My 1-year-old (at the time of purchase) was only crawling when we bought it, and would crawl up and sit nicely with her legs curled under the keyboard. My 2-year-old , would stand in front of it and hunch over to play it, not wanting to sit nicely at the piano for an extended period of time. We never push them to play with it, so maybe when they are older they will appreciate the song book that comes with it, and will take the time to learn and want to play some recognizable tunes. I have played some of them on the piano for them. It is durable - I will give it that. We had to move it from the side of the couch because my youngest was using it as a study step stool to get onto the couch. I still keep it out because they occasionally like to bang on it, although it seems like only when the other is napping, of course...

Stoughton, WI


Cute toy piano--Its a keeper!


I got my kids the Melissa and Doug toy piano for christmas last year. It's so cute and just their size! This little piano has a fun sound. It sounds like chimes because it doesn't have cords but little hammers to make the sound. For kids its great and even for adults its fun to play. It also has sharps and flats. It only has two octaves but its enough for some beginner songs. It has full size keys just a regular piano. This can be a great transition to a real piano later. I also love that it have the letter of the note on piano. I am starting to talk to my kids about the letter note and its sound. It also comes with a little song note showing the letter note and the position on the staff. Great for introducing sheet music. It is durable and still looks like new. Overall its a great little toy piano! I plan on keeping this item forever.



Melissa and Doug Piano was not what I expected


I bought this piano for my 2-year-old daughter for Christmas this year, and I was sorely disappointed. I had never seen one in real life, but I assumed the quality would be fine since I generally like M&D toys. I was wrong. Straight out of the box it wobbles on the ground, the note guide is just a cheap piece of paper that was mounted sideways, and the sound is really tinny. I guess that's what you get for an inexpensive toy piano, but I was hoping for more.

Bumpass, VA


M&D piano is for kids who wanna rock...


We got the Melissa & Doug piano for my son (18 months) for Christmas.  He loved playing with it from the time he opened it.   it is the perfect height for him to stand and play it (a la Jerry Lee Lewis).  I like the fact that it has 2 full octaves, so i can play left and right hand melodies for him. it came with a little song book with familiar songs.  It is also pretty light, so i can pick it up with one hand and put it away.  my dislikes are:  1) MIC - although I trust M&D, there is always some doubt with respect to quality/lead/etc. 2) shiny paint shows grimy fingerprints waaaay to easily.  i would have preferred a matte finish.  3) the letter guide (above the keys) was just taped on to the piano.  it was off in just a few minutes.  i would have preferred a painted letter guide or better tape. Overall, it was the best kiddie piano on the market.  We will see how well it holds up over time. (my other wooden M&D toys have not faired so well.)

Chicago, IL


Cute classic but not as durable as it should be


I really love Melissa and Doug toys. They are a great update on classic feeling toys. They are always in bold colors and are really engaging to children.Their musical toys are fun and make great sounds. I love that they are wooden and they have a feeling of longevity to them. We own lots of they puzzles, magnetic toys etc. When I first saw this piano I was so excited as it reminded me of one I had as a child. My son was really excited to play with it. However it wasn't very long after we bought it that two of the keys stuck and stopped working. Not only that there doesn't really seem to be a way to open it and fix it. I expect more from Melissa and Doug, whose toys are usually top quality. Plus, this is one of their more expensive toys. I will continue to buy their stuff, like wooden puzzles etc. but I would skip this one. While sound is great, it just doesn't hold up to even mild play from children.

Denver, CO


Melissa & Doug Piano

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