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Meijer Main Choice Blended Formula Cat Food

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Meijer Main Choice Blended Cat Food is Awesome!


We have been buying our cats store brand cat food, as a way to save a few pennies here and there.  They hate it.  It would take two days for our two cats to clear a small dish of the generic food. Then I tried Meijer brand Main Choice Blended Formula Cat Food.  It comes in a pinkish colored bag.  They LOVE it!! They will actually stalk me when I go outside, whining and meowing at me for me to bring them more food.  The neighbors cat comes over to eat their food now too!  I am pleased at the variety in colors of the food, not like the one color, cardboard resembling food we were feeding them before. And the food has a nice aroma as well. It must taste that much better too, since my picky eater kitty is very eager to chow on this.  I cannot pour her food without her head in my way now!  The only downfall to this food, is we're going through it much quicker, as they are much more willing to eat it!

Allegan, MI


Meijer Main Choice Blended Formula Cat Food

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