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Medela Quick Clean Breastpump & Accessory Wipes

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good in sticky situations


I use these wipes to clean off my pump parts at work. They are good when you are on the go. They do leave some soapy residue, and they say that you shouldn't use them if you are going to be pumping right after. I always rinse them off as soon as I can. Overall, great for moms on the go.



Makes pumping at work easier


Deciding to go back to work with a 6 week old is hard. Knowing you're providing the very best food for your baby possible by pumping makes you feel a little better. It was REALLY important to me for my Alex to continue to get breast milk and never get formula. But the instructions (which are important to follow for the safety of your baby) say to always disassemble and clean each part of your breast pump in hot soapy water. I'd hate to ruin my pump by letting milk residue build up on it, but the thought of going to the break room or even the restroom (which in my case is a stall bathroom, not a private one) to clean my pump seemed a bit embarrassing. I bought these thinking I'd be disappointed and boy was I wrong! State law requires my employer to let me pump in a private room, which in my case is a locked office where I can store all of my breast pumping needs instead of having to pack them up every time I'm done pumping. I was pleasantly surprised to see how soapy and large these wipes were. I only needed one to clean my supplies from my double electric pump. It was quick and easy to get into the little crevices of my pump. This is a wonderful product when soap and water are not available and it makes me feel better about the maintenance of my breast pump. Ease of Cleaning Easily gets all of the milk gone quickly. Durability These are not flimsy or thin. They're more cloth like



Medela Quick Clean Breastpump & Accessory Wipes

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