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Meco 4106 Charcoal Grill

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Meco 4106 Charcoal Grill


I found this grill to work satisfactory as far as charcoal grills go. The legs give it the right height for the average height person. I did find the wheels on the legs to bind at times when rolled through taller grass or a sandy or dirt area. The wheels moved fine when the unit was used on a concrete or wooden floor area. I loved the wooden slatted tables that attach to the sides. I had both the single shelf and the double shelf. I found the double shelves to be much more pleasurable to use. I could use one side for raw ingredients and one side for cooked. The lid fit alright. The smoke vent in the top of the lid did an efficient job. The grate unit cleaned as easy or hard as any other grill grate. It all depends on how badly dirty the grate had become. I did find the bottom of the charcoal grill to not hold up as well as I had expected. I could only use the unit for one grilling season before the bottom started rusting out.

Hermiston, OR


Meco 4106 Charcoal Grill

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