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Meclizine HCl USP 25 mg Antiemetic Tablets 100 ea

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Strip away the fancy name and package and you have Meclizine.


**Quick View** Do you get motion sickness? Does dizziness make you feel queasy? Perhaps you have balance issues due to ear problems and that makes you feel off. **Meclizine HCl USP 25 mg Antiemetic Tablets** relieve your symptoms fast and as effectively as the name brand motion sickness pills because it is the active ingredient in them! **Full View** Most have heard of Dramamine Less Drowsy Formula and Bonine but many less have heard of **Meclizine HCl USP 25 mg Antiemetic Tablets.** The ironic thing is, Meclizine is what makes those name brand pills work. **The Medication** This medication is for those who suffer from motion sickness or other types of sickness due to dizziness. I have vertigo. NOTHING works but this medication. Long prescribed by doctors as *Antivert*, now it is available over the counter at a price almost anyone can afford. These tablets ward off typical motion sickness from planes, trains, and automobiles as well as help to ease the symptoms of vertigo and dizziness. As with all medications of this type, you may feel drowsy when taking these so start at the lowest dose (You can split one 25mg. pill in half to start) and see what works for you. I typically take one 25mg. tablet every six to eight hours when I am feeling off and I feel much better FAST. **Meclizine** is an antihistamine and the one that makes Dramamine Less Drowsy Formula so popular. However, a bottle of 100 of these is under 10 bucks. Eight (Yes, EIGHT) of the Dramamine Less Drowsies are around five bucks. You choose. Fancy packaging and name or the exact same thing for much cheaper. Since I suffer from frequent vertigo due to my ears being a mess, I always keep **Meclizine HCl USP 25 mg Antiemetic Tablets **on hand. I have some in my purse, some at home, in the car, at my office, even some at my sister's house. I never know when I will suddenly feel dizzy and, while these don't stop the dizziness, they stop the reaction to it - that being feeling like I am  going to throw up at any moment. They tend to calm me as well and that helps to get through a vertigo attack. I don't get too drowsy when I take these but some may. If you drink or take sedatives or tranquilizers, these will heighten the effects so ask your doctor first before taking this medication. **My Viewpoint** Taken a half an hour before travel, these ward off motion sickness. Taken during a dizzy spell or an attack of vertigo, these help stop vomiting and other symptoms associated with that spinning sensation. They keep me on my feet. I take one before any travel as precaution and I do fine. I have flown, cruised in rough waters, jet skied, been in row boats and speedboats, and taken very long road trips all without any motion sickness. My ears are so touchy that any little thing could cause me to feel dizzy thus making me feel sick. **Meclizine HCl USP 25 mg Antiemetic Tablets**  come to the rescue. I highly recommend **Meclizine HCl USP 25 mg Antiemetic Tablets **to any and all who suffer from any kind of motion sickness. they're effective and they are much less costly than the same things in pretty packaging. ***5 stars.***

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Meclizine HCl USP 25 mg Antiemetic Tablets 100 ea

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