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McAfee Total Protection 2011

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Great Protection


I bought McAfee total protection over Norton and other brand names based on recommendations from others to use on our newer computer. Since buying it, I have been very pleased with the results. I have not had any problems with viruses. It has caught the potential attacks that have come without letting them through and harming the computer. On the other hand, I have not had problems with McAfee blocking legitimate programs and things on my computer that it falsely identified as a potential virus (as I have experienced with other anti-virus programs in the past). The price is very reasonable for computer security, particularly if looking on a site like Amazon where some sellers sell extremely cheaply. Even if buying an older version, such as 2011 like I did, it will still automatically update to the newest protections, even if it is not the newest version of the program. The one downside that I have noticed to this program is that it occasionally makes the whole computer run slowly, particularly when it is updating or doing a full computer scan. But again, this delay is still not as bad as other anti-virus programs that I have used.



McAfee Total Protection 2011

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