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Maytag HAV3460AWW Top Load Washer

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A Pretty Good Washer.


I like this washer mainly because it washes my clothes as good as I need it to. I do not like it for a few other reasons. Mostly, I hate that the belt quickly broke & now makes an awful twist & scuff noise when it's got a heavy load. I have to just use a med size load or a small load now. Energy Efficiency I don't use a lot of electricity. Once I started using this washer my electric bill became higher. I had a different washer before so I know the washer is what did it. It is a high energy using machine. Cleaning Time It only takes about 25 - 30 mins for a load to wash & rinse. I think that is quite reasonable. Performance The washer gets the job done but it breaks down easily. If it doesn't break down, it has a smaller issue that you're able to deal with while still using the machine. Ease of Use It's a very easy machine to use. Nothing tricky to it. Normal washer features, easy to turn knobs, easy to tell what the arrow points to. Also, easy fabric softener release as well as bleach release. Design The design is pretty good. I would prefer a front open washer but this is a top open washer. It's design creates the normal function of every day washing machine usage. Durability The washer breaks down easily, or at least it has issues that easily arise. My issue is the loud noise the belt makes as it washes a heavier load.



Maytag HAV3460AWW Top Load Washer

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