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Front Load Washers
Maytag Front Load Washer MHWE200XW

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Love This Washer!


It does an astonishing job of cleaning (and I say that as someone who has 7 large-breed indoor dogs!) It washes delicate loads as well as my spouse's heavy-duty jeans. I haven't yet found anything it doesn't clean out with a little Tide- and in extremis, a tad bit of bleach. I've yet to need to even pretreat. I know there were some Maytag front-loaders that had a problem, but ours has been great all around, no leaks, no seal problems. I guess we got a "best in breed'! :) Energy Efficiency There were only a few that were higher efficiency than the one we got, but there WERE a few. The price jump just wasn't worth it - it would've taken years and years to make it up and we don't use it as much as a larger family might, as there's just my husband and me. Cleaning Time It does just fine, as far as I can tell (from other friends with washers, and compared to the washer we replaced it with). Performance Because of the aforementioned dogs, especially when the weather changes (mud, rain, snow) and occasionally blood, when the dogs manage to catch the wild things), we get some major dirty towels, as well as quite hairy towels. But only before they're washed - afterward, I would use them on myself with no hesitation. Ease of Use Pop 'em in, set it, add soap, etc. What could be easier? Durability No problems yet! :)



cracked washer tub after just 3 months of use


Purchased a brand new maytag washer about 3 months ago. Last week it started leaking. Called the store where it was purchased for repair. Repair arrived 3 days later. On inspection of the washer it was discovered that the washer drum was cracked, the source of the leak. Was then told by the repairman that necessary parts would take 7-10 days to arrive at which time it would then take two men a minimum of 2 hours to complete the repair. After purchasing a washer new having one refurbished was just unacceptable not to mention not being able to do laundry for the next two weeks. After speaking the next day with the store again and personally with Maytag, I was told the majority of parts that were needed weren't even available and were going to have to be expedited from manufacturing which would more than likely leave me without a washer for at least a month. To make a long story short didn't buy a washer to spend my time and money at the laundramat. Just seems to me it is more than likely going to cost Maytag more to repair a machine that was obviously defective than it would be to replace it not to mention the biggest thing, make the consumer happy. One would think that would be of major concern to the company, but that doesn't seem to be the case and unless I get an acceptable esolution to the problem will never buy Maytag or anything else they make for that matter as long as I live.

Fort Myers Beach, FL


Maytag Front Load Washer MHWE200XW

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