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Front Load Washers
Maytag Front-Load Washer


Maytag MHWE201YW 27" Front-Load Washer with 3.5 cu. ft. Capacity, 12 Wash Cycles, Allergen/Whites Cycle, Clean Washer Cycle, PowerWash and IntelliFill Sensor: White

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Quiet and efficient


Awesome washing machine. Very quiet while running, don't notice that it is because of the smoothness of operation and quiet spin cycle. Saves on water usage and really gets your clothes clean. Easy to use with adjustable settings. Great on conserving space, if you have a small area to work with for a laundry room. I have a family of seven, so on an average I do three loads a day. Any washing machine in my home is definitely put to the test on durability. This one has worked like a dream and been very good. Helps with conserving water, especially, with the number of loads that I must do on a daily basis and seems to be good at washing effectively. (All pre-treated stains removed and some that I didn't even notice in time to pre-treat). Settings are easy for teaching your children how to do the laundry,too. Knobs are in an easy to reach location and easy to read computerized settings and adjustments. Would definitely recommend a front loader to my friends and family. Cleaning Time Been right on each time.

De Kalb, TX


Washes very fast and thoroughly


Laundry is a huge pain in the butt. No body likes doing this task. So why not do it with ease and style. This machine washes clothes as well as it looks. Plus as an added bonus if you are bored you can switch the position of your washer and dryer and mess with your spouse, lots of fun.



Maytag Front-Load Washer

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