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Front Load Washers
Maytag Epic Front Load Washer

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I love my Maytag Epic Washer!


We bought our Maytag Epic a little over a year ago and have never had any problems. We did buy the extended warranty and havn't had to use it yet but do plan on getting a checkup on it soon to make sure all is well. We use cloth diapers, so it definately gets its workout. It cleans great and my cloths smell fresh after everywash. I do regular cleaning maintanence each month to make sure there isn't any gunk build up or mildew. I just put some bleach in its designated spot and run a clean cycle and it makes the whole drum smell fresh. We have washed our queen size down comforter in it numerous times and it has washed it with no problem everytime. It is heavy, but what do you expect for a large appliance? We have it on our concrete floor in the basement, as recommended and decided not to purchase the drawer. It hasn't moved an inch since we got it and is very quiet. It was well worth the money for us.

Milwaukee, WI


Good, but sometimes a pain


I love this washer! Much better than a regular top-loader. Very quiet and cleans well. Sometimes, if you don't leave the door open though, it will start to smell. We did have a problem with it not working a few months ago, but thankfully my husband is very handy and he fixed it himself. The parts and matienence are very very expensive otherwise!

Waynesville, GA


Maytag Epic Front Load Washer

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