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Maytag Electric Dryer

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does not dry so well


I just got done writting a review for a Maytag washer I got to match the white Dryer by Maytag. This dryer is not bad if you are drying 4 pieces of clothing at one time. If you are putting in a fair share of towels or sheets it will take you 45 minutes twise to dry your laundry. It takes up too much energy for drying the clothes properly for 90 minutes. I also started to notice that every time I put in my childs clothes for 90 minutes it shrinks all his shirts. It is kind of upsetting. Everything comes out all wrinkly out of this dryer. Ironing became my number one priority until I got a steamer machine to try out.  I would never expect this from Maytag. The outside of the dryer is very attractive and the settings are easy to understand making this dryer a patron friendly for all ages (15-90). I am not very happy with my purchase. I wish they had some sort of return policy after months of usage. 

Barrington, IL


You cant go wrong with the Maytag MDE2400A Electric Dryer


This dryer is a decent buy for any person who is looking for quality without having to worry about the price. This dryer will last a very long time and will give you the best performance up until it quits working. This dryer is worth looking at especially if you like Maytag because they always provide great reliable dryers.

Riverside, CA


Compact, but drys like a full size


We needed a small unit for the closet where we were putting the laundry.  This laundry is in a 100+ year old house on the 2nd floor closet.  We were limited as to what units would work as the closet wasn't that deep.  We chose this dryer because of size...we didn't know that we'd have one of the best dryers we've ever had. With multiple capacity of function and controls, this dryer is the BEST.  The only problem we had with it was that initially the heat unit had to be replaced.  The heat unit was replaced almost a year ago and since then NO problems.  This dryer gets used a LOT and drys like a champ. Even with the minor inconvience of having to have the repair man there for the heat unit...I would buy this dryer again. One thing...we also bought the companion washer.  Any frontload washer shakes like the dickens when spinning. Initially we had the dryer on top of the washer, but the dryer seemed to be all over the place.  We used strong wire shelving to house the dryer.  Now the washer does its thing under the dryer and the dryer never moves.  Also, the shelving accomodated additional storage, etc.  

Saint Louis, MO


Maytag Electric Dryer

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