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Top Load Washers
Maytag Bravos Top Load Washer

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Buy anything else.


Worst washer you will ever spend money on. If I had know it was going to be a piece of crap like my old one I replaced it with I would have just kept the old one. It might have actually worked better to tell you the truth. This machine is so loud, always goes off balance even if its a small load and currently has started leaking water. We just got this a few years ago too. I used to like Maytag but have been very disappointed and will never purchase an appliance from them again. Performance You are better off washing your clothes by hand. Trust me. Ease of Use It will make your life a whole lot easier if you just don't use this machine. Very disappointing, especially for the cost. Design Terrible design. The machine will not stay on balance for longer than 10 minutes until you stop it and readjust what ever is in it. Durability Well if you call water leaking out of it a few years after purchasing it durability, then Maytag I guess you built a heck of a washer.



Avoid and Do Not Buy


We have a Bravos Washer (MVWB400VQ0) that is an absolutely lemon. Do not buy these products. They are cheaply made and simply do not work. Many components fail shortly after the warranty expires. Our unit wads clothes into a ball and does not get them clean. Additionally, the clean washer cycle will run all day (filling, refilling, refilling) wasting gallons of water and energy. There should be a massive recall.

Prairie Village, KS


Maytag outperforms


After shopping for months for a new washer I chose the Magtag Bravos MVWB400V quiet series. I sooo wanted a front loader; they just look so cool, right? I talked with everyone I knew with front loaders as well as salesmen at the local appliance stores but kept getting the same complaint: mildew odor. Well...I didn't want that-even if it did look cool. I read other reviews and decided on the Maytag Bravos. Intially I thought the price was high but HE machines are all high. I added a coupon and price matched so got a little better deal than retail-and free delivery and set-up. The machine is very easy to use. I'm amazed at the amount of clothes you can  fit into it and still get clean. It's very energy efficient. It's not as quiet as I had wished but not overly noisey. I like the sound signal that lets me know when it's finished. This feature can be turned off if you don't like it. It gets the clothes very dry during the spinning process which helps with drying time. I have never had a mildew smell come from my machine-ever. The seal on the lid is very small; doesn't lift up, thus, no room for moisture to accumulate and cause that mildew odor. My only complaint is very old fashioned: I like to look in the machine (just to be sure my clothes are behaving :) ) There was another model with a clear lid but the lid felt flimsy so I went with this model. In order to look in machine, you have to pause cycle and you still don't see alot. Just clothes-imagine that-and a little water. Great machine! Very pleased...but it doesn't look as cool as a front loader ;)

Lafayette, LA


Maytag BRravos MVWB400V Washer, it does the laundry!


This Maytag Bravos MVWB400V washer makes laundry real easy! Its a great product and you get what you pay for. It is convenient as you see it is good for the environment. It is energy efficient. BUt not only that is is also  water efficient. It is real easy to use, I do not really know my way around a washing machine, but this machine is real easy to use, It basically does the work for you. It has a lot of buttons, but alot of the time it does the work for you , if you want it to that is. It can automatically choose water temperature and spin cycle. How awesome, it makes it easy to do laundry. But you can also choose your own settings if you so wish. Another perk to this machine is that it is quite quiet. I use to have a very annoyiong washing machine that shook like crazy, and made such a loud noise, i just could not wait til the load was finished so I would not hear the machine from accross the kitchen! yes you could hear it in the kitchen and the washing machine was in another room accross the house. I would recommend this machine.

Colton, CA


The Maytag Bravos is an amazing machine!


 The Maytag Bravos is an exceptional machine! Coming from a busy mom, it makes laundry a breeze. It's easy to use and you can wash a ton of stuff. What impressed me the most is being able to wash my comforters in it. The sensors allow you to just set the machine on the type of load and it automatically sets the water level for you.  Oh, and it also has NO agitator in it so it doesn't add to the wear and tear of your precious clothes. I would totally reccommend the Maytag Bravos to anyone!

Shellman, GA


LOVE this washer!


I love this washer.  I am amazed at the amount of clothes that fit in it. It runs pretty quietly. But I think perhaps the two things I am most amazed by is how quickly a normal cycle runs, and how "dry" my clothes are when they come out of the washer. I can do mountains of laundry in a fraction of the time I could do it in my last washer. I have had front loaders before, and they did not even compare to the greatness of the Bravos.  It is one of the best appliance purchases I have ever made.

Delaware, OH


Maytag Bravos washer is great!


Have been using this washer for about four months now and I really like it. My old washer (and dryer)  were hand me downs from my grandparents (so they were outdated to say the least)! Although the old units worked, the newer models are so much more efficient - something that highly attracted me to them. They use an unbelievably small amount of water, the clothes are virtually dry after the spin cycle and I believe it also uses less electricity to operate. The spin cycle does wrinkle and twist my clothes more than I would like, but it is easily remedied as they are removed to go into the dryer.  The only downsides I see with this machine are that it is very deep. I am only 5 feet tall and I am on my tip toes to reach into the bottom of the machine to extract those socks and other smaller garments. I could and probably should be using a little stool for safety purposes to reach into the bottom.  The other negative is that it does not seem to remove pet hair nearly as well as my old machine. Not sure why this is, I've played around with different wash cycles, but have not figured it out yet. Not bad enough to dislike the machine though. LOVE the oversized capacity!!!

Independence, OH


Maytag Bravos Top Load Washer

3.4 7