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Top Load Washers
Maytag Bravos Top Load Washer

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Worked great for about a year. Then it started making loud noises, now it leaks water on the spin cycle and needs to be repaired. Clothes aren't as clean as the good old fashioned style washers. This piece of poop was expensive too.

Cedar City, UT


does a great job


after our front loader went we decided top loader was the way to go (our front loader was only like 4 years old and the part was more than the machine itself).  Any way we got the 600 series and it works great.  It's a little odd sounding during some parts but not bad enough to bother us.  It cleans good and has deep clean extra rinse options.  Mine has a pause on it which works great.  I have a two year old and farmer/hunter/oil worker in my house.  This thing works great in getting the stains out.  I put almost on the heavy soiled deep clean cycle options and it seems to clean better than any other machine I've used before.  It even has it's own cleaning cycle to clean the machine itself.  I haven't used it yet but It will be nice to use as my old one before it broke was putting black spots on my clothes and the manufacture said it was from soap build up and not mater how i tried to clean it, it kept doing it, so hopefully this will prevent that.

Smethport, PA


Maytag bravos does the job


We bought this to replace an agitator type washer.  I can say I definitely do not miss the agitator.  It is so much easier to wash sheets and comforters.  But some comforters can not be too bulky; just not the type of quality clean one would expect. I like that you can set the washer for different types of clothes - darks, lights, sheets, etc. This automatically adjust the water temperature and agitation speed.   The washer definitely uses less water than my previous washer and does a great job of spinning out excess water in spin cycle. One thing you do need to watch for is overloading.  Sometimes it is difficult to determine if you are overloaded - - but your wash definitely will tell you.  Better to err on the side of caution and stay well below the top of tub I have already accidently used regular detergent with no issues; but this is not something I would want to do often.  Do not know if there is any long lasting side effect.  

Walnutport, PA


Life without an agitator in my washing machine is heaven!


I really love this washing machine. I didn't want the extra expense of buying a pedistal for a front loader as they were awfully short without one, but wanted the convenience of a machine without an agitator. It has been in my home now for three weeks and I have gone through my entire home washing anything that sorely needed it. This included larger rugs, huge comforters, (king size), and all those drapes. This model is only the 4.2 or 3 cubic foot size, but I can load it up and it really gets everything clean. It is quiet enough, but is a little animated during a spin when I do have larger items. This has not been an issue for me even though my hookups are in the kitchen. Like the front loaders, I advise leaving the lid open after a days washing to prevent any stuffy smell, although it has yet to have an odor. The only negative for me is the lid locks at the beginning of the cycle and if I do forget to add something I can cancel but have yet to figure out how to pause so I have to re-set all the functions.

Buffalo, NY


It's so great your dryer will be jealous!


OK, so when I was 7 months pregnant with my second baby, our washer died.  Yep, dead.  Can you say INCONVENIENT??? My husband feverishly hauled hampers of laundry back and forth to keep up.  Well, after much research, we decided to take the water-saving plunge and go for the Maytag Bravos top load washer.  A few relatives have front load HE washers, but we really wanted the ability to soak things or add things (especially with 2 kiddos in the house, we have a TON of laundry to keep up with!) We've had it for several months now, and it's the best washer ever! It automatically senses the water level, it has tons more features than we'll ever need, it cleans clothes wonderfully, and spins them almost completely dry.  (yes, even'll be shocked at how fast the drying is!) It's really a great washer, and it even saves on water and electric...can't beat that! Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!

Independence, OH


The Maytag Bravos washer is a good replacement.


We started making payments on this washer (and the dryer that is the same make/model) when we first moved here about 4 years ago.  I liked the thought of having a new washer dryer set, and was kind of intrigued by using liquid soap and the saleswoman said it could wash a comforter and she did that with hers a few times.  I thought well that would come in handy! You cannot use your typical soap in this washer.  You need the kind in the bottle with the HE logo.  When you are at the grocery store it kind of is a drag because it makes you feel like you bought into something with limitations.  Like you didn't do your research and now you have to suffer.  Well only a little, and every grocery store sells that type of soap.  They make liquid soap for regular washers so you really have to make sure it has that logo.  I go through about 3-4 bottles a year.  And it's pricier then the regular soap.  I have never compared how it saves water or electricity so I cannot really tell you it evens out. I use the whites feature for the white clothes and the colors/jeans feature for the colors/jeans.  I cannot really tell you there is a difference.  Honestly I have no idea.  But I will continue to use it that way lol!!  The bleach compartment has a full line.  The soap compartment (they are both on the left side and are obvious) doesn't have a line.  You just fill up the lid on the bottle accordingly and then dump it in.  The lid locks when it is doing it's thing and it shows on the screen how long it has.  I close the door (we have a laundry/pantry room) when the washer and dryer are on because they are very noisy.  But I bet that doesn't come as a shock to you as they all are. Inside there is a metal bucket type of inside.  It's really cool, it looks like a cheese grater almost.  The rim is plastic, and the rest is metal with little holes.  When it's spinning it's a sight to see when you first get it!!  It spins really fast and loose.  I have never seen anything like it.  It's quite a powerful washer. The downside is, I have tried to wash comforters in it and it's a no go.  I don't think I am doing it wrong because I did choose the comforter/blanket mode and the middle is dry just like every other washer I have used.  That is dissapointing because who wouldn't love a washer/dryer that did a decent job washing comforters/sleeping bags/blankets etc.? Overall I would recommend this washer.  It's a powerful, well made washer.  It's Maytag so it's pretty much expected!!

Hermiston, OR


Maytag Bravos does a great job!


We recently bought a Maytag Bravos after a fiasco with our GE frontloader. I searched and searched for info on the best washer and read so many reviews on washing machines it was crazy! What I learned was that it is rare to find a machine with better than 50 or 60% approval! It seems like half the buyers of any particular washer hated it! We have had our Bravos for about a month now, and I feel like it has pros and cons. Here are the facts from my perspective- Pros: 1) Does a great job washing clothes! 2) We got a high capacity and it washes a lot of stuff at once! 3) It handles even my king size comorter with ease- no banging around trying to balance the load or knocking pictures off the walls! 4) It has loads of options for the best load for you 5) It is quiet. No debating, it does kind of sound like an airplane taking off, but on a much quieter scale. Really, I know that saying that about the airplane makes it sound loud, but truly it's not. 6) Automatic fabric softener dispenser and bleach dispenser, love it! 7) They are dryer than they were in my front loader when they come out!  The cons: 1) It makes a lot of lint! It tells you in the guide to try to wash lint giving items seperately from lint receiving items. The book is right! It also tells you to mix your loads (i.e. no jean only loads), but I generally wash towels seperately because of the lint it produces and have had no trouble 2) If you don't load it right, it will twist your clothes into a tight rope! Really. I had been used to loading my front loader, so it was pretty much the same with this. You just drop things in, you can't string them out. As long as you do that, you won't have twisting troubles. 3) I think it's harder on clothes and if your towels have any fraying it will fray them all the way! Overall I think this is a great machine. I don't care for how hard it is on clothes, but the cleanliness, the dryness of the clothes after washing and the HE  are great!

Portland, TN


maytag bravos top-load washer: best on the market!


My husband and I became owners of this washer b/c of unfortunate circumstances -- our previous washer stopped working! An pretty essential appliance in a home of busy toddler who can trash several outfits a day, we wanted to replace our defunct machine as quickly as possible. After researching online, reading reviews, visiting a couple of retail stores specializing in washers/dryers, the Maytag Bravo quickly rose to the top of the list. We wanted to transition to a HE machine but were hoping to avoid front-loading machines. We purchased our washer at an area store & it was delivered within the week. The usually dreaded task of laundry turned into an adventure -- at least for a short while :) The inside of the machine was enourmous. It operated quietly. Cleaned our clothes wonderfully. Etc. Etc. Etc. I love this machine & would recommend to anyone, especially those with a family who tackle lots of laundry. A little higher priced than some options but so worth it!

Glen Ellyn, IL


Maytag Bravos Top Load Washer

4.0 8