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Top Load Washers
Maytag Atlantis Top Load Washer

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Like it for doing big or small loads of laundry


We've had our washer for sometime now and are very happy with it. We have had service on this machine once during the six years we've had it and that was due to washing a rug that shredded apart in the washer and got caught in parts of the machine. This machine can do big loads or small loads and is energy efficient.

Minneapolis, MN


Works well.!


The Maytag Atlantis is a good little washer. We bought this one after a very old Maytag washer we obtained with a old house we used to own finally died after over 30 years of service to the former owner and us. At the time our boys were growing up and boys will be boys---lots of mud, dirt, and stains! Now they are both in grad school and the wash load is lighter but it still gets the job done.

Granite Falls, NC


maytag used to be a good name to me...


well i didn't buy the washer and dryer that i now own because it came with the house we just baught ...but its a maytag washer n dryer and i was excited about it being this brand at first ..hmmm but now i'm sorta concidering exchangeing it with my old washer which did a better job ...this washer usually doesn't spin out correctly and leaves the clothes dripping water and also has tore up some items...

Peru, IN


This washer should not be a first choice!


I bought this washer when my 8 year old GE Profile stopped working. I had a Maytag washer that I did not like many years prior to this, but was assured by the sales person that the new models were "much improved".  There is very little I can say about this machine that is positive other than it doesn't break, although I wish it would!   Anything you put into this washing machine with a drawstring, comes out without it. The string gets wrapped aroung the fins on the agitator. This of course results in the laundry becoming a tangled mess.  Since I got this washer my clothing budget has increased and I am very careful not to put anything in that In care about!

Chester, NJ


Maytag Atlantis Top Load Washer

3.3 4