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Front Load Washers
Maytag 4.3 Cu Ft. Maxima White Front Load Washer - MHW9000YW


Maytag MHW9000YW 27" Front-Load Washer with 4.3 cu. ft. Capacity, 21 Wash Cycles, PowerWash System, Allergen Removal Cycle, Steam For Stains Option and LCD Display: White

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I also use it to wash my very heavy bed spread



Loving my Maxima


I wash everything from my silk undies to my dog's beds. (not together!). The settings are appropriate for the amount of cleaning needed. I have never regretted a minute of owning this machine.



Very Efficient


My husband purchased the pair. I had never owned a front load washer & dryer before. Doesn't vibrate, and has all the cycles I need. It takes a little getting used to after having a top loader for so many years. Easy to use, cleans clothing well and fairly quiet. Only downside is the buttons are sensitive if you brush up against them.

Riverside, CA


Very nice machine for first year then turns to junk


Machine has great features. Unfortunately, after year and half of use it developed a knocking noise in spin cycle. Call the "Maytag man" in to diagnose. Was told he couldn't figure it out so he called the "factory". Was told that he should change the tub shocks. I changed them myself with factory replacements with no change. Ran the machine and recorded a video to later show the store owner. He agreed it needed a main bearing but it was no longer covered. Not serviced separately and must by the inner and outer tubs for $610 for parts only. Kicker is that the parts aren't even available! I now have a very expensive knocking banging machine that I can't even fix if I wanted to!



Maytag Maxima does it all!


Overall this washing machine has been able to handle it all. The options it offers are numerous and useful, allowing you to choose cycles and options within that are best suited toward your washing needs. And doing laundry has never been better. Energy Efficiency The machine has a few features that promote freshness to eliminate rewashing when you forget to switch it out - such as a freshness holding mechanism. While this makes the machine flip the clothes periodically, it is better than rewashing an entire load of clothes. It also has an automatic shut off of the freshness mechanism if forgotten for too long a period of time, therefore cutting off the energy being used to run it. Cleaning Time Cleaning time depends on the type of load you are attempting to wash. Soil levels, water temperatures, and additional rinse and freshness options can change the time as needed. The longest cycle has been about two hours, but that is using the full allergen sanitize feature, which is a step above using just hot water. There are shorter options depending on what the load consists of each time. Performance Overall this machine has managed to clean all types of loads very well. Clothes is spun well so it is not too wet when moving to the dryer, and it even offers a period of time to throw in last minute items prior to filling up - which is a great feature when you walk back to your laundry source and find that sock you dropped along the way. Design The outer ring of the washer has a plastic flap that water and junk can sometimes collect in. It needs to be cleaned out regularly so that dirt and grime don't go back into the clothes. Durability This machine has handled numerous loads of clothes, towels, blankets, etc. between two adults, one toddler and three dogs.



Great machine!


The maytag maxima 4.3 cu. ft. front load machine has lot of features and is a large capacity machine. It runs very quietly, and does a great job of getting the clothes clean. The only bad part is the machine is expensive, but I have found it to be worth the price. I am switching to all energy efficient appliances and so far am happy with the quality of the machine.

Narvon, PA


Large and efficient with all of the bells and whistles


I have been so happy with this product. We had a Kenmore before this one and I had so many electrical problems with it. This one can take in a lot of clothes and it cleans well and efficiently. With 6 people to do laundry for, I needed room too and this gave me the room without having to buy a commercial machine.

Somers, NY


Maytag 4.3 Cu Ft. Maxima White Front Load Washer - MHW9000YW

4.3 7