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Maybelline Eye Studio Color Gleam Cream Eyeshadow

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Not a great "eye"dea for an eye shadow.


Maybelline Eye Studio Color Gleam Cream Eyeshadow sounded like a good "eye"=dea, and it was, but it wasn't a great idea. I was intrigued by the creme eye shadow and liked the colors offered. Since I also like Maybelline mascara I thought maybe I would like this product too. Maybelline Eye Studio Color Gleam Cream Eyeshadow goes on smoothly, without creasing in your eye that many other creme shadows do. But you need to apply using your fingers or finding your own applicator. Unfortunately using an applicator sort of diffuses the covered and color of this shadow. It dried out too quickly for me, but I don't use eye shadow much so someone else may find it a better choice than I did. I also didn't like that because of the drying out and then using my fingers to apply I didn't get to use all of the color. It was okay, not too great, not too bad but the things I've mentioned here are sort of a problem for me. Maybe you won't mind them.

Houston, TX


A Gleam of Color with a Crease


Maybelline Eye Studio Color Gleam Cream Eyeshadow trios come in great, vibrant colors. It was the radiance of the colors that got me to pick up a couple sets. The formula is very creamy, and everything blends well. However, after an hour, the dreaded creases appeared. I even had on Urban Decay Potion Primer, but for some reason these cream shadows just didn't hold. Disappointing.

San Francisco, CA


Maybelline EyeStudio Color Gleam Cream Eyeshadow is awesome!


This is my favorite eyeshadow ever! I love the colors. I have the Rose Revolution pallet, which comes with a creamy light gold, a lovely shimmery rose and a light, shimmery brown. It is beautiful! In the store I was actually torn between this pallet and the Neautral Liasons, which has a nude, light brown and brown. The Blue Freeze has a light blue, dark blue and silver. Purple Possibilities has a gold, a lavendar and a lilac. Flash of Forest has a gold, green and brown. And Pedal to the Metal has gold, copper and silver. They are all gorgeous, I am just pretty conservative with eyeshaddow. The cream formula is so heavenly. I apply this with my fingers, just dabbing it on and brushing to blend. You control the coverage. I found the shimmer wasn't too sparkly for me, it just highlighted my eyes nicely. The colors blended so well and looked so natural. And I think it has decent staying power. You might have to retouch in the evening. But you could then do a little heavier coverage then and make it a more glamerous / dramatic look. It is a great eyeshadow.

Quincy, WA


Intense and beautiful Color Gleam Cream shadow from Maybelline


I have been using Maybelline's Eye Studio Color Gleam Cream Eyeshadow for about 3 weeks. The color choices are beautifully suited for all different eye colors. I have green eyes and am using one with a bronze color, yellow, and gray. I am usually putting on makeup in a rush and tend to use my fingers rather than brushes or other tools. I love that this cream seems to go on *best *with your finger! It blends well and I've even experimented with using it over other powdered eye shadows and have never been disappointed with the results. When I wear the cream shadow alone with no primer I find it creasing much sooner in the day than powdered shadows - maybe 2 hours or so. With a primer I still notice creasing in about 5 or 6 hours. Blending this over primer AND powdered shadow I'm seeing it last the whole work day. A perk that I love, though, is that reapplying doesn't give your eyes that caked-on look. This shadow sparkles anew and makes me look and feel young and beautiful. For that reason I grab it almost always in the evening to wake things up for the evening.

Hampton, VA


Maybelline Eye Studio


I use this eye shadow brand the most and love it.  You do not have to use a lot, a little goes a long way with this eye shadow.  I like that I do not have to use a make up brush with this eye shadow.  I can use my finger to apply it and I feel like it does a better job.  It is also light and you do not notice that you have it on.  When I first tried it, I though that since it was cream-oil like that it I would be able to notice it on, but I did not.  I acutally like the cream base more than powder ones.  It does not smudge as easy to me.  And at the end of the day I do not have creases on my eye lid from where the eye shadow cream has seperated from wear.  If you put a lot of eye shadow on it could leave creases, so you have to use it sparingly.  I think this eye shadow is easy and simple.  I love the purple sets and they look great on.  I would recommend trying Maybelline Eye Studio trio.

Myrtle Beach, SC


this shadow was ok, nothing great, the color creased after wear


This product from maybelline is ok, I bought it in color of lilac or purple color. After 3 hours of wear I started to see my shadow on my lids crease, and I was not happy. I even used Primer and that did not help I also layered cream shadows on top but it still creased. I like the color selection and the price but the staying power is not there. I hardly use this now because other cheaper made cream shadows last better then this, I am not sure if its the formula or just me. I do like how it is package and it is packaged in a palette form where you get 3 choice of colors. I can say that a little bit of this product does go a long way. The pigmentation of these shadows were also ok nothing spectacular. This was the only let down product I hated from maybelline, usually I am a maybelline lover but this product did not do it for me this time. I will most likely not repurchase this item. But this is good for teenagers starting out if you do not want to waste your money

Glen Burnie, MD


Maybelline Eye Studio Color Gleam Cream Eyeshadow

3.8 6