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Maybelline Expertwear Eyeshadow Trios, Bronze Glitz Sold

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Good for the Price


I can't speak for all of the Maybelline Expertwear Eyeshadow trios, since Bronz Glitz is the only one I've tried, but I have to say that the palette is a pretty good value considering the price. The colors of very pretty and warm and neutral, so it's great for every day. It's also very small and compact and it also has a sponge tip applicator included, so you can easily take the palette on the go or even apply it in the office or other places. However, it is a cheap drugstore palette, so the pigmentation is not the best. It may not show up very well on darker skin tones, but maybe get by on medium skin tones. The lighter highlight color is a little bit chalky, but that's okay. Definitely a great price, so if you're on a budget, definitely recommend this trio.

Ridgefield, CT


Maybelline Expert Bronze Glitz is a great value but not the best


Maybelline Expert Wear Eye Shadow Bronze Glitz made my eyes look bright and shimmery which was great for the summer months.  I have tried many different kinds of expensive make up and the Expert Wear Eye Shadow did not quite match up to the quality of those other kinds.  I wish it were a little smoother and bolder but overall i was satisfied for the price that I payed for the make up.  In these tough economic times, I am always looking to save as much money as I can.  I wish there was a variant in color as well, for example having a pink or purple mixed in with the bronzing colors.  I usually mix a bronze color with a light girly color to make my eyes pop, but I had to use another pack of eye shadows to blend the colors from the Maybelline Expert Wear Eye Shadow Bronze Glitz to get the color that I wanted.  I would reccommend this product to my friends because it is a good price and they are in the same financial position as I am.  I would warn them, however, that the colors tend to be slightly one note. 

Miami, FL


MAYBELLINE expert wear blue slate


Hi, this is Expert Wear Shadow trio from Maybelline in Blue slate is actually the first blue shadow I've bought since the 80's.  I have blue eyes and have been told that I should wear a contrasting shadow color which is what I've been doing for years.  I decided when I saw this that it was worth a try and wanted to have a little color fun.  This trio is a great little combination of color.  It lasted all day without creasing or running.  The color stayed in place and actually felt good to do something different for a change.  Not a costly product but fun to have.  I wore blue everything that day and it made a statement that I actually got compliments on.  What a way to go Maybelline for creating such an fun trio of colors.  I haven't tried the other color combinations as of yet but soon as this was so much fun.  It washed off quickly without mess and lasted all day.  Maybelline you have a great line of products out there keep it up.  

Rutland, MA


Maybelline Expertwear Eyeshadow Trios, Bronze Glitz Sold

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